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Hair tutorial; how to create a big, braided bun hairstyle with voluminous curls, for prom, wedding, or a party. ✓I’ll be doing 2 tutorials next week, keep an eye out for it earlier in the…

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  1. MakeupWearables Hairstyles ★ Hair Tutorial on Thursdays says:

    Let’s try this again, this one should have sound! lol..
    New hair tutorial! A fancy, braided bun.

    #hairstyles #updos #prom #braids #wedding #braidsupdos #cutehairstyles

  2. Mehar Ali says:

    Omg this is the best omg this is amazing

  3. Carmen Borbon says:

    I really like this hair style you did…. can you do something for summer.
    …..either something I can wear to work or casual. ….

  4. Adele Makes Diys says:

    Please do more fancy updos, graduation is coming up and I’d love to see
    some options. :) 

  5. Reeshma Rosan says:

    Nice buy too confusing

  6. Sustainable Beauty says:

    this was very pretty!!

  7. Franchesca Manygoats says:

    love it…

  8. mabelense says:

    U make it look so easy to do! Hahahaha beautiful! 

  9. Megalizabeth9 says:

    this is gorgeous Tina!! I’m so excited because I seriously just started
    taking my curls and pulling the small piece to create more texture. I did
    it on Monday, I had my first photo shoot that’s gonna be in a Mag!! Ahhhh!
    But I loved this. I hope to have a bride soon I can suggest this to :]

  10. SeanneB says:

    beautiful <3

  11. Carmelita Flores says:

    gorgeous, just Gorgeous Tina !!! 

  12. Josefin says:

    Love this video, i actually just started to make videos myself :) 

  13. fusionjazz . says:

    Its not as easy as you say it is. You should skip the curling of the whole
    head since you straighten them out when you grab strands and recurl them. 

  14. JenniferGonzalez says:

    WOW! im soooo i love with this your super talented! i wish you lived with
    me so you can do my hair everyday!:))

  15. Laura Rodriguez says:

    You always have gorgeous hair styles

  16. LiveLoveLiz8D says:

    Gorgeous as always! Love the bun it’s so cute (: ♡

  17. SinYee5960 says:

    Please do a fancy ponytail tutorial !

  18. likitha balaji says:

    your hairstyles are awesome.can you do the indian bridal hairstyles plzz

  19. LovelieGirlxxx says:

    This hairstyle is BEAUTIFUL Tina!!!! I love it! My hairs a bit too short to
    pull this off on its own so im hoping it’ll work when I put my extensions
    in :) . This is seriously gorgeous though (you look so pretty :D ). Makes me
    wish I had something formal coming up soon just so I can wear this
    hairstyle XD. Can’t wait for next weeks double upload too! I wonder what
    frozen hairstyle you’ll do next. I love em all!

  20. Liza Lu says:

    So beautiful! As always

  21. chandni singhal says:


  22. Olívia Silva says:

    Make an easy everyday hairstyle for next week :) 

  23. Giorgos Avlakiotis says:

    Very nice..

  24. HairHackers says:

    Hair Bun Tutorial

  25. Vanessa Villagrana says:

    I didn’t understand anything :/

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