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Hi, my loves! ♥ Don’t forget to LIKE & FAVORITE to try this hairstyle later! ♥ How to curl long hair using a curling iron wand & pin curls tutorial. http://w…

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  1. MakeupWearables Hairstyles ★ Hair Tutorial on Thursdays says:

    Try the Hot Sets 22 by Redken (link in info box). “Lightly” mist it on “each” section – allow it to dry completely before applying your iron to the section to curl. If you use too much, it’ll come out crunchy. <3

  2. MakeupWearables Hairstyles ★ Hair Tutorial on Thursdays says:


  3. coloredrose1988 says:

    thank you doll <3 I tried the tutorial and it looked great! I subscribed =)

  4. Subash lama says:

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  5. purplechannel0 says:

    I have seen the picture on the right of the custom thumbnail on polyvore!

  6. danielacovenas60 says:

    The music sucked

  7. Lynnzeeful1 says:

    I want that glove thing lol cx

  8. meggie7913 says:

    since I don’t have a curl iron, would a straightener work?

  9. Rockpanda5 says:

    Feel this moment

  10. Briana Chan says:

    wow i would love to do that but it takes more time than instead of clipping it together

  11. xaFgHaNBarBiEx says:

    The tutorial is good but the music … :/

  12. Ramroma Raghda says:

    What is the thing that you in the begininng

  13. Ramroma Raghda says:

    Sorry i mean ** what’s that thing u put when u begin this hair style**.?

  14. Yosselit says:

    The music is annoying. ?.

  15. ImaginaryNightshade says:

    Make sure your hair is completely and truly dry before curling it. But bear in mind that even if it feels dry, it may not actually be: the hair has to be dry outside *and* inside. Even if you’ve washed it in the morning and you want to curl it in the evening, it may not be dry enough. Try curling it the day after you’ve washed your hair. That’s the only way curls stay in my hair, too.

  16. seyagirls says:

    Okay, I will think about it next time, but my hair is thin and straight which makes it easy to see and feel if it’s wet. dunno what’s the problem really…. :S!

  17. Sara Tepes says:

    You look like Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, and sorta Asian all wrapped into one!! Seriously, though, good tutorial. One question; how long do you hold the iron in? I want to try this but I’m terrified of burning my hair off! ;D

  18. Tjureva says:

    I always hold it for minimum 15 seconds, and I’m also terrified of burning my hair off. =D

  19. Meliza villa says:

    ahaha i love the music

  20. TheAmonsenira says:

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  21. Sara Tepes says:

    Thank you!! I did it today, counting to 25 quickly…

  22. sammantha stevens says:

    I found jennifer lawrence’s twin

  23. Sophia Hayes says:

    I love your tutorials! <3

  24. priyanka panday says:

    U are super pretty!!! 3

  25. Alexandra Love says:

    You are so beautiful !

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