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Don’t forget to LIKE & FAVORITE to try this hairstyle later! ♥ Every girl should know how to do at least 1 fancy formal updo! More info: http://www.makeupw…

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  1. THEBFFBAND says:

    i love this hairstyle but can i use 1in curl iron instead of 1/2in because i only have 1 in

  2. jblunt1522 says:

    When you say make doughnuts , do you mean something similar to pin curls?

  3. tonilove336 says:

    it’s really pretty, but there’s no way I can do this :(

  4. MakeupWearables says:

    Aw, you can do it, this hairstyle is really easier than it looks! *hugs*

  5. MakeupWearables says:

    Fluffier than pin curls and it’ll looks prettier if you can make more than 1 “pin curl” with the same strand of hair. I hope that makes sense… xo :)

  6. MakeupWearables says:

    That will work! :) 

  7. MakeupWearables says:

    Yes, it is. :D

  8. MakeupWearables says:

    Hi, Alisha, yes, you should, it’s the perfect prom do! <3

  9. DevLatSt says:

    Youre hair is wonderfull…. :) I’ll try this hairstyle tonight :) ) I Iove it…:)

  10. TheMsmichin says:

    Well done,great!!

  11. MakeupWearables says:

    Thanks!! <3

  12. MakeupWearables says:

    Thank you so much. I know it’ll look great on you too! xoxo

  13. Sum Gurl says:

    Did you curl your hair all one way

  14. Lindsay Lane says:

    You make it look so easy. You are very good at explaining what to do. I will definitely be having a marathon of watching all your tutorials.

  15. emily johnson says:

    i was wanting to do this hairstyle for prom, but my hair is thin and kinda sucks. ive tried doing this hair style several times but it doesn’t look near as good as yours!

  16. Luciana Laurel says:

    ohh you’re so pretty great tutorial <3
    i'm 15 but i allready look at videos like this to know how to look at my wedding lol weird?

  17. LadyWanderlust88 says:

    hey, could you do kim kardashian’s wedding hairstyle? i think it’s so beautiful but no one on youtube did it right, i only found 1 video that was good but it was too fast, i couldn’t see well what the hairdresser was doing. the other few ones did something similar, but in no way does it look like kim’s hairstyle. i just found you like 15 minutes ago on youtube and i love your videos, i think you would be able to do it just right

  18. MakeupWearables says:

    Hi! I’ve never really paid much attention to Kim Kardashian until I started making videos back in Aug so I don’t really remember much about her wedding. But I’ll see what I can do and put this updo on my to-do list for you. *hugs* <3

  19. MakeupWearables says:

    Hi Emily! For fine hair, do the, “pushing -the -hair-up from the ends to the roots” technique for every section to fluff them. I had to do this too for the top section because my hair is thin there. :) <3

  20. LadyWanderlust88 says:

    Me neither actually but their show has become my guilty pleasure, don’t tell anyone :D She looked absolutely stunning at her wedding, unfortunately, i can’t find any picture that shows her hair well in order to see the entire hairstyle.
    But anyway, you’re a gorgeous girl and i love your channel, i’m sure i’m gonna like whatever hairstyle you make next. Best of luck ;)

  21. Bareera Raja says:

    cool really worked

  22. ellenbabieee says:

    My video froze at 0:09 lmao

  23. Jaycee Thorn says:

    How did you curl your hair!!

  24. heenim04eul says:

    thank you :D

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