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Hi, my loves! :D ♥ Don’t forget to L I K E & FAVORITE to try this formal, curly, side-swept, cascading curls updo hairstyle later. Share this wedding/ prom / homecoming hairstyle with friends…

25 Responses so far.

  1. Mcfine2011 says:

    I love it !!!

  2. Mcfine2011 says:

    Thank you Tina for those videos! Is this hairstyle possible to do when I put clip in extensions?

  3. Jacqueline Steinrich says:

    I think I want this hair for my wedding! It´s sooo beautiful! I hope my hair is long enough then…

  4. MakeupWearables Hairstyles ★ Hair Tutorial on Thursdays says:

    Absolutely. I’m wearing clip-ins here too. <3

  5. xsaher batool says:

    luv this 1

  6. cucusitomio says:

    what hair extensions are these

  7. Jasmine Jade Young says:

    i love this hairstyle :)

  8. Nivek Oliver says:

    Love this look !

  9. yayametelus1 says:

    What store did u get your lashes

  10. Hannah Williams says:

    where did you get those flower clip ins?

  11. LizzardBeth96 says:

    Does this work for shorter hair? mine is about 2 inches below my shoulders.

  12. ArianaJhamille says:

    Im SO doing this for homecoming in two weeks! Love it!!

  13. jessicapopstar79 says:

    what just happened.

  14. bessan mohamed says:

    very nice you are the best ….Iam Bessan mohamed and Iam do this hair styie for ma and for my frinds

  15. Mayra Perez says:

    I love your hair

  16. Darian Muller says:

    that is gorgeous.

  17. hella ak says:

    with the waltz as background music, It feels like you’re princess who is going to attend a big ball.
    the hairstyle is beautiful

  18. Sule Fon says:

    Love this

  19. Nelly Velasquez says:

    I love it

  20. Nelly Velasquez says:

    ur the best (:

  21. Goof says:

    Tried this and it turned out amazing.

  22. deaven3 says:

    Cute… minus the flowers

  23. nelly Brenes says:

    I love it

  24. Sanad Mohd says:

    يااااي بتعئد

  25. Rebecca Mendoza says:

    Its too fase and hard to follow. :(

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