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15mins Wedding hair video – vintage sidedo with fingerwaves

Learn wedding hairstyles with our new Unofficial school of bridal hairstyling! This is one of my advanced hairstyle (shortened to 15 minutes so that I can po…

23 Responses so far.

  1. Lati Truong says:
  2. klodia klodiana says:

    can you do arabian style?

  3. sweetpuppy120489 says:

    Ur hand must have magic! The you maneuver that wavy bang is crazy! Lovee it

  4. Lati Truong says:

    I plan on it!

  5. Sylvia Trevino says:

    Omg you are amazing I’m a big fan of your work:)

  6. טל לוי says:

    Amazing videos! How do you make hair look smooth and Bolts? Me after Penn
    has a lot of hair ends

  7. Lati Truong says:

    By combing the hair while styling will keep the hair smooth looking.

  8. טל לוי says:

    I did not understand, you do a hair dryer or hair straightener before? The
    use mousse? I’d love to see a video on the preparation of the hair.

  9. Sandy Pestean says:


  10. Lala Lou says:

    What products do you use to prepare the hair, ie mousse, texturising
    spray…. I love your videos, you make it look so easy.

  11. kateymateymusic1 says:

    That’s a very pretty hairstyle

  12. Joddrick00 says:

    Another great tutorial, love the longer more detailed videos. Please advise
    on the prep of the hair prior to starting please.

  13. Arlete Adriana Gaspar says:
  14. ayen carmona says:

    i love your curling iron what brand is that?? where can i buy like that? :)

  15. Lati Truong says:

    Hot Tools…you can buy it online like ebay or cosmetology store

  16. Lati Truong says:

    I start with clean dry hair…no products. I smooth out the hair as I curl

  17. Lati Truong says:

    I use hard hold hairspray…nothing else.

  18. Lati Truong says:

    There is no preparation. Just clean dry hair. The only product I use is
    hard hold hairspray. I smooth out the hair as I curl it.

  19. FreshStart says:

    Is that 1 inch or 5/8 barrel? Thank you!

  20. vero162 says:

    Where does this chick live omg I love her work.

  21. anelisarai says:

    I need to concentrate like you and less talking:-) you are awesome!!

  22. Lati Truong says:

    1″ barrel

  23. Екатерина Абрамова says:

    Oh! Your works are amazing!! So beautiful and stylish!! I’m from Russia and
    I watch your AWESOME videos!) I have a question what kind of tool do you
    use(what name, what mark?) Thanks!

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