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Affordable DIY Bridal Hair & Makeup -itsJudyTime

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  1. SamFrederiksen says:

    Oh my god, you got exactly the hairdo that I want for my wedding! I had already known how to do it because I often randomly do the hair bump but thanks for explaining how to do the curls because I’ve never done that and do plan on doing it myself. I’m super pale though so I won’t be able to use the same make up that you did.

    Awesome tutorial though! :)

  2. Lfor Lily says:

    you are soooooo cute! and so lucky for ur lack of underarm hair!! :D 

  3. Disney9881 says:

    awesome tutorial!! :D

  4. TheEpicFail79 says:

    So pretty, i will use this one day for skool(just without the vail though, lol).

  5. Anna Lindén says:

    are you gonna do your own make up?? just asking:)

  6. Alpha Male says:

    I liked it so much I had to!

  7. IKAWTUBO81 says:

    awesome! i’m glad i found your video!

  8. Yer Lee says:

    I loooove your long hairrr.

  9. august121984 says:

    what size curling iron was used?

  10. DjElena4ever says:

    1,5 inch

  11. Ernesta Kancauskaite says:

    I realy like you,your video its very simple and clearly :)

  12. DeMichTrev says:

    I am stealing this look for my wedding this Sunday!!! 12/11/2011

  13. Amanda C says:

    Beautiful :) 

  14. TheMissshop says:

    What was the color again of that Loreal infalliable lipstick? You look great ! :)

  15. Yislen Marts says:

    hello you know I’ve seen all your videos have been surprised — I would love you .. comunuicarme I would like to learn to make-up etc. .. YIS.L’m from CHILE @ HOTMAIL.COM chile <3

  16. fralican says:

    You can also put three tiny clear elastics close to your scalp, cover them with more hair, and stick the veil in them.

  17. Asma Ben youssef says:

    Veryyyyyyyy niceeeeee job ..;

  18. guany70 says:


  19. guany70 says:

    This vedio is so great!! and I really love the prelude music at the very beginning of the vedio! Can I know the name of it? I want to use it for my processional music :) !!

  20. Marie Juliette says:


  21. MCtwoe2 says:

    what kind of curling iron did you use? please answer!!!

  22. makeuplovergal says:

    i would neeverrr do my own hair n mkup for my big day

  23. hayleyqful says:

    I found a makeup artist for my big day for only £20 and she will show me how to apply makeup in diffrent ways and a mobile hairdreser to do my hair pin up for £25 but I had to phone lots of numbers to find the best deal but it’s best to hunt around or go to your local college and get it done :D

  24. san a says:

    Aww judyyyy can’t believe how fast the time went by! Now you’re allready getting more babies :)

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