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Affordable Royal Wedding Hair inspired by Kate Middleton -itsJudyTime

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24 Responses so far.

  1. justjay222 says:

    up until 4am! i woke up at 4 am to watch it!!

  2. jazzmack21 says:

    Could this be worn everyday?

  3. RichTurtle32 says:

    Cool :-)

  4. TheRoseHDA says:


    What is the best Curling Iron small or large?? I mean silly or wider or Broad??

    I want to buy and confused, and I my hair long

    Waiting for your answer

    Thank you

  5. clawler123 says:

    Because her name was always Catherine… Kate was her nickname but now that she is married to him and a Duchess, she is to be known as Catherine. That hasn’t changed what the press call her though!

  6. Nikki Egdamin says:

    Always love your hair tutorials! Your hair is always so shiny and looks beautiful curled. I never thought of taking some curls and twisting them to conceal the other bobby pins. Great idea and it’s such a beautiful hair style!

  7. CristalisKrusty94 says:

    how come your losing more viewers?:( i dont understand!!!!!!!!:(

  8. swtlitocherrie says:

    super cute hair tutorial! thanks so much!

  9. THluver218 says:

    oh no its jsut that my curls dont look like bridal curls they just look like a beachy wavy curl , either its my hair or i just need to leave the curler on for more than its suppose to?

  10. makeupmania3 says:

    I love this! Gonna try it and post on my obsesh.com page

  11. lovecandieee says:

    That is so cuteeeee

  12. kimmar1999 says:

    u look nice

  13. sassyblueme says:

    totally love the look and i’m always a huuge fan of ur hair tutorials, girl:)

  14. SheeshyTeeth says:

    i think you should use this as your wedding hair!!! I think it looks much nicer than the one the hair stylist did on you. This one looks much more natural and beautiful!!!

  15. honeypung says:

    Do you have any alternative products for the following: Dry Shampoo to tease the hair? Sorry if I misspelled tease in describing the method of hair teasing.
    Freezing Hairspray which you called the finishing hairspray. These products are not currently available to drug stores where I am at.

  16. kasiamarta2010 says:

    Hello :)
    You have beautiful hair. Only I started examining you but you have films super. You are using what shampoos or nutrients in order to have so super hair. :)

  17. SenhoritaIsabel says:

    TRESemme has an awesome dry shampoo and they should sell it at the drugstore. It’s in a thin, tall, black bottle and it’s called the Freshstart dry shampoo. As for the freezing hairspray, I’m not sure where to get it in the drugstore. Hope that helps :)

  18. honeypung says:

    Thank you very much for the info. I’ll check it out in our local drug store.

  19. honeypung says:

    Thank you very much for the info. I’ll check it out in our local drug store. And oh, is the freezing hairspray another term for spray net?

  20. honeypung says:

    could you also do a makeup tutorial for Kate Middleton’s wedding makeup?

  21. xxbieberbarbiexx says:

    i thought she did it bc for her engagement party thing the makeup artist over did it and she didnt want tht to happen again so she took classes to do it herself

  22. tony habib says:

    انه جميل لاكنه للنساء وشكرا .

  23. yesenia marin says:


  24. girlygirllexy says:

    before the wedding she got tips from a make-up artist so that she could do her own make-up, and continues to do so for all the events she goes to! love it. shows that she doesn’t think of herself as a celebrity to be photographed, she’s just playing her role as princess and in charity and everything. so great.

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