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Beautiful Long Curly Wedding Hair


20 Responses so far.

  1. SuperDolly666 says:

    very nice concidering how short the hair was.

  2. speedbmp says:

    I’m so disappointed. I thought this was going to be for someone who already had long hair like I do. :(

  3. Suzielu1 says:


  4. sun6085 says:

    very good

  5. MakeupLovesSarah says:

    you cna do the exact same thing she did….

  6. MariMentana says:

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  7. speedbmp says:

    No, I really can’t, not without ruining my hair. Real long hair has to be treated better than fake extensions or you don’t have it for much longer. lol But thanks for the encouragement. :)

  8. NeverBreakXPact says:

    This is incredible, you made that girl (who looked so depressed in the ‘before’ pictures) so beautiful for her wedding day. Afterwards she seemed very happy and almost glowing!

  9. localSickened says:

    fake n gay

  10. TwilighTTiger222 says:

    Beatiful hair style

  11. Kickine says:

    Nice technique, but uneven and bad colour match. Should of used heated rollers to get a more fluffy textured curl, straightened curls have no natural movement on extensions.

  12. NadiyaLuv24 says:

    @localSickened like your mom

  13. toribaby2005 says:

    I don’t know why someone would wanna look like a complete different person on their wedding day. Weird. But nice look!

  14. thumpinlikeajew says:

    fake? you just obviously sat there and watched her do it, and gay? nah just good talent.

  15. catherinespurses says:

    I think the real hair was hidden very well. Looks great!

  16. trish1206 says:

    You skipped the whole styling part?  I think everyone knows how to CURL hair, but how did you do the finished style?

  17. Twstdfirestr says:

    But how do you get the style?!?! Maybe instead of showing how to curl the hair and put in extensions you could actually SHOW how to style it….

  18. DontTrippMe says:

    Fake hair curls better than real hair… This is useless

  19. ClaireMusicLove says:

    that looks beautiful

  20. madigan1323 says:

    Looks nice. Would have been nice to see past where the extensions were curled and how to finish the style. :(

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