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Beautiful Wedding Hair Bow Tutorial

For more hair tutorials and updates: Please visit my blog: www.ebeautyblog.com Like my facebook page www.facebook.com FAQs: -Why use glove? The glove comes with the curling iron I bought. It’s to prevent your hands from getting burn. You don’t have to use the glove if you don’t want to but I preferred using it with these type of irons since I’d have more control when styling. -Where do you get the hair velcro? I got it from Ebay. You can do a google search for “hair velcro” and there will be many similar ones pop up. Make sure it’s the ones with a little bump that adds volume to the base not the flat types. -Does teasing or curling your hair necessary for this hairstyle? I wanted a little bump/volume on my crown that’s why I used the hair velcro instead of teasing. Also, I find that curling my hair for the bow part makes it a lot easier to work with. You don’t have to follow the exact steps that I did, you can change and alter the steps around to make it work with your own hair. Have fun & good luck. xoxo, Cinthia Music from: Music4YourVids.co.uk Song: Summer Morning

25 Responses so far.

  1. delilahx4ever says:


  2. cutenainababy says:

    amazing :) 

  3. keniademac says:

    <muy bonito.GRACIAS

  4. DimpleOx says:

    Wow thats so beautiful !!!

  5. LilLips1216 says:

    good job

  6. AnnikaKstr says:

    I want to wear this at school… But i think that people will laugh at me :/ :D But It still looks BEAUTIFUL♥

  7. alex spacey says:

    why would they laugh at u? :O anyone’s hair would look amazing in this style ^_^ im gunner wear it tomoz for 6th form :D

  8. Dinamar Lima says:

    Muito fashion amei. Mais o que é isso que foi usado pra fazer o topete?

  9. CPcolombiano72 says:

    video ue no serven dice no hay señal solo en estos videos coloque algo que si cargue no cosas dañadas

  10. CPcolombiano72 says:


  11. Damita1h says:

    really cute!

  12. AnnikaKstr says:

    Yes .. they dont really laugh… but not everybody did their heir like this so they will ask me how and why and blababla :D I cant discribe what I mean :D

  13. Kamily Gautério says:


  14. Nok123698741 says:


  15. cariinhosa says:

    Very beautiful loved

  16. Carolina Morales says:

    wowwwww very easy tanks¡¡¡ :-)

  17. ThenToMe says:

    Whats your hair color? I love it!

  18. ePRTN says:


    Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved – Ask Jesus Christ to save you, ask Jesus Christ to bless you ! Glory to JESUS CHRIST

  19. jojo33567 says:

    Wow , very nice and easy

  20. anothaiism says:

    thank you

  21. squshii65 says:

    This sort of reminds me of Bell’s hair style in Beauty and the Beast
    Super cute!!

  22. sydney croteau says:

    Kool i have naturaly slifhrly curly so it wanst ao hard

  23. kruthi1998 says:

    tooo good but not ment for my hair

  24. sanjuanag27 says:


  25. rockgirlxxx1 says:


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