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Beehive Hairstyle | Indian, Pakistani, Asian Bridal Hair Style | Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

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19 Responses so far.

  1. Jennifer Novik says:

    So amazing and talented) i couldnt imagine that this kind of hairstyle can
    be done on such length of hair) So good job)

  2. sophia baig says:

    Love the video, please can you show a bridal hairstyle with dupatta
    setting. Thanks

  3. pearlypoppies says:

    lovely!!! love the tutorial :)

  4. jav324 says:

    Lovely hair style please so some more bridal updos with dupatta setting ect

  5. BlingBling003 says:

    Are you able to do a video on what hair stuffings to use, and where to
    purchase the stuffings from within the u.k please.

  6. anydrama1 says:

    Is super cool but I can see probably hard to do ….

  7. Bella Edwards says:

    I like looks easy to do with a little practice.. Thanks for the idea.. :)

  8. Kathleen Macapagal says:

    Could you do this hair style on long hair? (Past ribs)

  9. Hafsa says:

    of course you can, you just won’t need the extensions

  10. Hafsa says:

    Schwarzkopf Silhouette Hairspray – super hold, and flexible hold

  11. samir barot says:

    how to do a messy bun for teen by them self

  12. 3rumonadilzaisha says:

    New subscriber! Really enjoyed your video there an’t a lot of good Asian
    bridal hair tutorials on youtube. Nice to see such hairdos can be done on
    short hair, more hair tutorials please. x

  13. jabin hussain says:

    I want to no how to make hair stlye

  14. Umesh SINGH says:

    Except you tube where i cn get ur videos 

  15. Mani Virk says:

    Love it. Thanks for sharing

  16. Waheed Rehman says:

    Excellent video !!! 

  17. Rukmi A. Mallikaarachchi says:

    thank u

  18. Ms K says:

    This is great – can you tell me where I can buy hair stuffing from? 

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