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Bridal Makeup for African American Women and Bridal Hair Ideas


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  1. CJ Jetphukthai says:
  2. Color Me Bride says:

    Bridal Makeup for African American Women

    Bridal Makeup Artist and Wedding Hair Stylist

  3. latanya B says:

    Can u do make up on a darker model I love love to see that

  4. Christian C says:

    It’s so weird seeing myself

  5. ThreesACharm JJS says:

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  6. Scottify24 says:

    eeeeeuh? Black woman?? O.o

  7. Moniz Mua says:

    why? u look pretty

  8. Kaory Rodriguez says:

    Wow idk about you guys but that’s too much makeup it looks good though

  9. Kaory Rodriguez says:

    Actually is not so much

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