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Bridal updo. Hairstyles for long medium hair. Свадебная прическа, вечерняя прическа.

My second channel with hair ideas! Мой второй канал с видео уроками причесок! http://www.youtube.com/womenbeauty1Ru Мой первый канал с видео уроками причесок…

25 Responses so far.

  1. Binth Abdullah says:

    U r truly fantastic….love u work pls keep uploading..waiting for Ur more

  2. Melissa Barraza says:

    I love it thanks!

  3. Marieyd1 says:

    I love it. very elegant.

  4. Faiza Faisal says:


  5. Resham Ali says:

    Super beautiful!!!

  6. Hinda Rahhout says:

    Very very Goooood ♡♡♡♡♡

  7. Janette Jean says:

    very very beautiful thank you and hapy new year

  8. Kori Hernandez says:

    Beautiful !!I loveeeeee !!!

  9. yara nader says:

    tres belle

  10. vilemo75 says:

    absolutelly stunning

  11. Jean Paul Gutierrez says:


  12. liefpandabeertje says:

    Possibly my wedding updo :D 

  13. Jamie Boodram says:

    so beautiful, I am doin this style on a bride soon!! love it, Amazing job!!

  14. muslimah432 says:

    I love your hairstyles!!!! can you tell us what are the best hair sprays to
    use??? I have tried so many and it doesn’t hold the hair! its so

  15. Bujjcun says:


  16. her052490 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art work with us all. I can’t
    wait to try this on my sister for her wedding! 

  17. Lauren Cherry says:

    Amazing as always. You are very talented! 

  18. Jenn Greenberg says:

    where did u get these mannequins

  19. Fero S says:

    amazing video. love your work. will you be able to show one with high up do

  20. Altnbek Nurgaliev says:


  21. Odalys Vasquez says:

    What are you using for the bottom bun? Is it a pantyhose ball? 

  22. Audra Bailey says:

    oh wow I am so impressed! I enjoyed just being able to sit back and watch
    you create this gorgeous style. No words flashing on the screen distracting
    people from actually seeing the step done plus the music was very relaxing.
    You have a gift!

  23. angelina angy says:

    this is the best congratulations bravoo :* :*

  24. cicely masden says:

    Where do you buy your mannequins? Im in cosmetology school now and the
    mannequin hair we have to work on is horrible to work with and takes most
    of the fun out of styling the hair, I’ve been looking around but cant seem
    to find a mannequin with nice hair.

  25. hanna sara says:

    perfection <3

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