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Bridal updo. Wedding prom hairstyles. Прическа на выпускной, свадебная прическа.

My second channel with hairstyles! Мой второй канал с видео уроками причесок! http://www.youtube.com/womenbeauty1Ru Мой первый канал с видео уроками причесок…

25 Responses so far.

  1. Shefa canada says:

    Beautifully! I elegant ,,,,thank you 

  2. Zarina Zavulunov says:

    I wish you lived in Arizona so I could get my hair done by you! You are so

  3. hair4myprincess - hairstyles and braids says:

    Gorgeous updo!

  4. TA Lindsay says:

    Gorgeous and I think I could do this! Thanks for your wonderful videos! XO

  5. อีเกิ้ง เดือนห้า says:
  6. CHAPISS8688 says:

    Me encanto!!!

  7. Renata Salgado says:


  8. laflaquita bella says:

    likie like like ;) 

  9. So Fragile says:


  10. Ala Al-Azzawi says:

    So elegant

  11. Kathy Bolyanatz says:


  12. Malika Shamsi says:

    Hey u r gud

  13. Kayley Gonzalez says:

    You are so so good at doing hair styels

  14. alan zelaya says:

    hii! :) ive been watching the hair styles you do and i love them! <3
    my prom is comming up soon! and im wearin a 1 shoulder dress. i want to do
    a side up do and i saw this 1 particular hairstyle that i like very much on
    instagram. me and my sister(shes the 1 who does my hair) been trying to
    figure out how to do it but as much as we try we cant make it look exactly
    like the picture something always turns out wrong. if it isnt much hassel i
    would very much appreciate if u could create or re create this hair style.
    its very beautiful and im sure many of ur subscribers will like it too.ill
    very much appreciate it. please and thank u! :) I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS AND

  15. tracyrae78 says:

    Geeezz…get..whet do you get your maniquin heads..? 

  16. Shreyashi mazumder says:

    loved ths hairstyle (y)

  17. lornasgoodmusic says:

    Such wonderful inspiration – i showed this to my hairdresser and she did an
    interpretation of it for a very special occasion for our family. Thank you.

  18. afsar masood says:


  19. Miroslava Pavlinska says:

    i love how simple it is and the small hair accessory

  20. MONKEY D. LUFFY says:

    your children are lucky

  21. uroojzahir chughtai says:

    Ur videos ‘r really awesome. ….
    But teach some more nd for above 50yrs ladies hairstyles as well……

  22. Alohalakay says:

    hi where can I find a fake pony in CH?,is Claire sells it ? I don’t want to
    cut my hair in front anymore

  23. bushra Ali says:

    Soooo good

  24. Evan Smith says:

    Please publish a book of your work with step by step guides and lots of
    amazing images because your work is amazing and as a professional
    hairdresser who is passionate about hair up styling a book of you work
    would be priceless! :) 

  25. Jehad Al Drarjeh says:


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