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Bridal updo, Wedding prom hairstyles for long hair. Свадебная прическа на длинные волосы.

My new channel with hair ideas! Мой новый канал с видео уроками причесок! http://www.youtube.com/womenbeauty1Ru Мой первый канал с прическами. My first chann…

25 Responses so far.

  1. Chiquis says:

    Thanks from Chihuahua, Chihuahua. Mexico

  2. wolfsangeleyes says:

    Very creative, I love it.

  3. Klaü Mariposa says:

    love it!! so elegant! thank you!

  4. Janette Jean says:

    very very good

  5. Jenny Woo says:

    u so talented…i like it so much…u r my idol..^^

  6. snowironfist says:

    Hi! Are you based in America or in Russia?

  7. h amoodi says:

    You r awsome…thank u ..

  8. Vasundhara Saxena says:

    can you please upload some hairstyles for short frizzy hair? because
    everyone doesn’t have smooth good quality hair and hairstyles for different
    hairtypes would be just soo good!

  9. Rose Aguilar says:

    A work of Art

  10. Noemy Sanz says:


  11. demet bayrak says:

    ,88 fm,vmv mim.f. S’s Nb. 9ööfş v. B?i

  12. Deok Silvestro says:

    Very good

  13. ladollyvita333 says:

    So gorgeous!!!!

  14. Dana Alvarado says:

    God bless your hands, amazing :) 

  15. sandy wee says:

    So beautiful hair style. I love it.

  16. Macgirl0000 says:

    Where can I find the hair stuffing ?
    And what hair spray do u use ? 

  17. suzycan1 says:

    Very elegant! I enjoy watching your videos. The camera is always in the
    right spot! :) 

  18. labikkinna says:

    Beautiful updo, BUT I want to see this done in a real person, I know by
    experience that certain styles are much harder to do on a real head of hair
    as natural hair it’s much heavier and dense, try it on a real head that is
    real art.

  19. Jennifer Boisseau says:


  20. chinico68 says:

    WOW amazing!!

  21. AmberNC says:


  22. Lisa Myers says:

    Loving it!

  23. Pareen Merchant says:

    Amazing updo 

  24. Sheila Johnston says:

    I love this!! It’s sooo beautiful! I just don’t think that I could
    achieve this look or that my daughter has enough hair for it.

  25. Sabrina Huizar says:

    I absolutely admire your work, you are amazing and effortless

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