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Bridesmaid Hair Tutorial – The Perfect Updo

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24 Responses so far.

  1. Renata Mahmud says:

    I dont want to enter the competition but I still want to answer the question. Bridesmaids with loose flowing waves would look good; different and classy. And I loved the style she did on your sister’s hair

  2. Imke Lucius says:

    i love this hairstyle. it is romantic en classy. this would also really work as a bridal hairdo. you can pin on the veill just above the end knot and it would be so beautifull. but it works really well for bridesmaids too. loved it and i want to try it for back to school purposes.

  3. HeyLaurenK says:

    This is so pretty!

  4. tanja milos says:

    omg your sister is so beautiful! this look reminds me of the medieval times

  5. Molly Wilson says:

    Hey fleur, are you having a hen party before your wedding? x

  6. Jasmine the Best says:

    I do that in my hair d

  7. Charlotte H says:

    My ideal style would be this as it is seriously stunning!!! Your bridesmades will look.incrediable fleur!!! :)

  8. bebe2nv says:

    When is the wedding

  9. ellenandmoon says:

    I don’t get what she does in the end after finishing both braids on the side. Is there one braid going down or does she continue those two braids, then wrapping it up?
    I’d love to redo this updo because it is really really gorgeous :)

  10. JSJ032 says:

    Gorgeous & unique hairstyle!

  11. maddiegal20 says:

    Half up half down!

  12. Sascha Watson says:

    I would have half up half down with a bow at the back :)

  13. gogoglamourgirl21 says:

    WOW! It is stunning hairstyle!

  14. megan gurner says:

    I would hair half up half Down but at the back make a bow out of there hair land soft waves / curls

  15. megan gurner says:


  16. Charlotte Jennings says:

    Something exactly like that would be my ideal hairstyle as it looks appropriate and you can move around in it, as she said-have a boogie! :D

  17. LisaMaryLovesMusic says:


  18. Sally C says:

    I would do a half up half down

  19. Jenna Leigh Rowe says:

    All up in a bun style but rough and romantic

  20. Jenna Leigh Rowe says:

    This looks Is amazing!

  21. sarah vernon says:

    hairdressers make this look so easy, wish i was able to do this !

  22. Fiona Darcy says:

    Who was the Winner? I know in the information box it says they have been notified but it said the winner would be announced and it would be nice to know who won so we know it was a legitimate competition and not a scam to get more comments on your video (not saying you would do that but I’ve herd it has happened with other Youtubers) – Love you anyway Fleur!

  23. Kylie L says:

    That is so cool

  24. Fran E says:

    This looks quite similar to how I had my hair for prom in June

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