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Bun, hairstyles for long hair. Wedding prom updo. Прическа для длинных волос. Бабетта.

My second channel with hair ideas! Мой второй канал с видео уроками причесок! http://www.youtube.com/womenbeauty1Ru Мой первый канал с видео уроками причесок…

25 Responses so far.

  1. womenbeauty1 says:
  2. wolfsangeleyes says:

    Very stylish, very beautiful.

  3. bakhaiaensan .reemy. says:


  4. Muslimah Chic says:

    fantastic :) 

  5. Kori Hernandez says:

    Very beautiful ! thank you;)

  6. vailanson vas says:

    Vailanson Carma vas of

  7. ornella giannone says:

    Hello ! what you put as bun? You do it yourself? Thanks youuuu

  8. madjennsy says:

    I love it!

  9. Taryn Stubbs says:

    Beautiful wirk! Where do you get your stuffing from?

  10. nautttybynature says:


  11. Mirjam Omeirat says:

    I love it. And i love you♡

  12. Angels Eden says:

    I would also like to know where do your get your bumpits from.

  13. صل الله عليه وسلم says:

    I love it !thanxxxx

  14. KaBao Xiong says:

    Can u list all the things u used in the description box?

  15. Kaz Gates says:

    Absolutely Stunning! Thanks for sharing with us xxx

  16. cinta maya says:

    I try to do this

  17. Reba Shepard says:

    Where can I buy the piece you put in her hair?

  18. Karen Perez says:

    Where can I buy those bumpits?

  19. Sandy Pestean says:

    great !!!

  20. pamela hernandez says:

    very very cute 

  21. kenia lizarraga says:

    Omg totally love it, I’m trying this! i’ve been watching your videos and i
    love them, i’m subscribing to your chanel!!!

  22. Laura Romero says:

    What is that piece or bun called??? :) 

  23. Carolina Ruiz says:

    Beautiful, but get me out of a doubt, where do you get the sponge that is
    placed as a base for this hairstyle?

  24. Leyda Tlapale says:

    Its beautiful!!!!!! You do such an amazing job, could you please tell me
    where you get that bumpit you use!!!! 

  25. Amanda Lopez says:


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