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Classic Bridal Updo: Hair Style Tutorial

Hello Loves! Please watch in HD for the best quality :D When we look at bridal pictures in magazines, pinterest, and other medias we often imagine our own we…

25 Responses so far.

  1. EmJustLikeYou says:

    After posting my creation on a bride, many of you requested on a recreation
    step by step tutorial. Hope you find it helpful!

  2. Nien2910 says:

    Looovely bridal hair style! She is so lucky to had you on her wedding! –
    saw it on FB ;) . I wish I could fly you over here on my wedding (some
    day… haaha) to do my make-up and hair ;D – and pay for it of course!

  3. Haya Fayez says:

    love it <3 <3

  4. EmJustLikeYou says:

    :D Thank you!

  5. EmJustLikeYou says:

    You could! I do it all the time, You don’t have to really look at what
    you’re doing because the more random and messy the bette!

  6. EmJustLikeYou says:

    Thank you!

  7. EmJustLikeYou says:

    It’s not that hard, honestly!!

  8. EmJustLikeYou says:

    :D Thank you! Will have to let her know!

  9. EmJustLikeYou says:

    Thank you!

  10. EmJustLikeYou says:

    :D Thank you so much for watching!

  11. EmJustLikeYou says:

    Thank you!

  12. EmJustLikeYou says:

    Thank you dear!

  13. EmJustLikeYou says:


  14. EmJustLikeYou says:

    Yes she was! This was what I did for her on her wedding not too long ago!

  15. EmJustLikeYou says:

    lol I have one already ;)

  16. EmJustLikeYou says:

    Thank you sweetie! :D Hair is actually easy! Messy and cute! NO need for

  17. EmJustLikeYou says:

    Thank you!

  18. EmJustLikeYou says:

    Thank you so happy to hear that. I do fine it actually easier than it

  19. EmJustLikeYou says:

    Honestly it is not as hard as it looks!

  20. EmJustLikeYou says:

    :D Will try to learn more hair stuff to do more tutorials. It’s hard to
    film tutorial on my own hair because it’s so dark. But will ask my friend
    to come back for more tutorials!

  21. EmJustLikeYou says:

    :D I will try it out! Thanks for letting me know about them and requesting!

  22. EmJustLikeYou says:

    Thank u!

  23. EmJustLikeYou says:

    Aw thanks! Wish I could do your makeup and hair too! Love it! :D

  24. Nazma Islam says:

    Hi i just subscribed to your channel based on this tutorial. You did such a
    simple but elegant updo and you made it look easy. It was beautiful. 

  25. Haifa A says:

    Wow this came out so beautiful! :D 

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