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Classic Bridal updo, wedding hairstyle

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25 Responses so far.

  1. Chelsea Herr says:

    the one strand by the ear bothers me… but the updo is extremely gorgeous.

  2. Bethy C says:


  3. bbfsc123 says:

    yeah the strand by the ear bothers me 2!!

  4. wyo angel says:

    damn!!!!the model is a absolute beauty!!!!!

  5. Tori Rivera says:

    hahah the model looks really PO’d lol

  6. sofiash says:

    yes,the model is very hot!!!

  7. dioceechay says:

    tried it was totally fab

  8. dokhtariraany says:

    that girl doesn’t look soo happy in the video. lol but anyhow, i just can’t believe it took 5 mins to get her hair done! and it looks good…

  9. starryeyes78 says:

    Nice style!

  10. fabirox20 says:

    Hi Im getting married in a couple of months ;) u have any suggestion about what haircut or hairdo I should get?
    I have black long hair, and I preferably like my hair long

  11. 111MultiHotty111 says:

    lovely hairdo
    looks great
    gonna try it for myself :D

  12. LPSfanclub999 says:

    could at least give a smile lady! great hairstyle perfect model

  13. CoCo Hanson says:

    it’s kinda messy in the back…otherwise its cute!

  14. touchedflikka says:

    really pritty, but I dont really understand how she puts the buckle in =/

  15. pacificparadiselvr says:

    So much easier to do on dark short to med. hair!

  16. starbucks10v3r says:

    Its all lumpy in the back…

  17. Inlovepink2007 says:

    wow i love her hair so strong

  18. jeffyandjane says:




  19. Courtney McInerney says:

    She looks like Selena Gomez :)

  20. librarygirl79 says:

    Pretty harirstyle. But please change the caption. This is definitely not the long hair version. If I did it this way I would have a foot of hair sticking out of the top of the French Twist lol! The only fix for that I have found is to make the leftover hair into a bun or curl it but then it mostly covers the French Twist anyway. Sigh…

  21. snowflakeamber says:

    the french twist is a classic updo she never said a certain name just that it was a classic updo and it is haha

  22. Chiara123300 says:

    Kelly is the best, isn’t she doing videos anylonger?

  23. augustbentle616 says:

    Your vid is popular on Apia

  24. kittycatcharm says:

    That is not long hair…

  25. eli9831 says:

    dont say hairstyleS if theres only 1 hairstyle

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