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Create a Bardot Wedding Ponytail – Hair Tutorial Video

Lorna from ghd Creative Team shows you how to create a Bardot Ponytail with big volume. A great summer wedding look. Or you can book in with Regis for a perf…

6 Responses so far.

  1. applet26 says:

    wow i have been trying to do this look and now i know how yay!!!! thank you

  2. craftycanuck19 says:

    Excellent video! Great detail, clear and concise, Thank You for posting.

  3. Ambia Begum says:

    The way she says, ‘textchhur.’ Aha ^_^ 

  4. redeemedByJesus79 says:

    best tutorial i have seen on this.ty.

  5. Maleah Lahamana says:

    best tutorial of bardot ponytail ! love it!

  6. pinkxconfetti says:

    So british! I love it! “Text-churrr”

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