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Curly updo for medium long hair tutorial with headband Hairstyle for everyday, party, prom, wedding

The 1,3” (32mm) foam rollers that I use ( jumbo curlers ) are available on http://www.JumboCurlers.com JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/LilithMoo…

25 Responses so far.

  1. UrassyYa says:

    yes. thanks to maybelline for sending me mascara kit. and i can tell u , you just need to give email addrss and tell them where you want to send. you can also get it from here > bit.ly\YBNhzN

  2. Sh Khaldi says:

    I want wavy hairstyle and thank you for video ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

  3. rashid sana says:

    hello Lilith Moon is that you can translate a video into francer please

  4. recta marcos says:

    wow so nice and beautyfull….nice mom…

  5. Kelly Chi says:


  6. jipsa maharaja says:

    i luv u….u make these hairstyles sound so simple….i tried few of em but they were not as proper as yours….so now im starting with simpler ones like this… ;)
    u r amazing…what a talent n thnx for sharing it with us…luv ya

  7. HimeGabi says:

    Looks much like Lady Mary’s hair in Downton Abbey.

  8. Patricia Wisniewski says:

    All of your videos are so perfect for me! I have thin hair, too!

  9. eysie viloria says:

    Life saver!

  10. lulavaguzlv says:

    admiritive forever you chaleco tantas…..

  11. LutescTV says:

    sooo beautiful!!!

  12. Marlem Crespo says:

    So pretty! I love it <3 i gonna try it :D 

  13. Supernatural Freal says:

    Omg *-*

  14. Madeline McCreary says:

    You are SO lovely! I am definitely using one of your updos for prom, I just can’t decide which one!

  15. Daiva Mili says:

    you are amazing. thank you sooooooooooo much :)

  16. EphemeralEpiphany says:


  17. Namipam says:

    You look like Scarlett johanson with this hairstyle

  18. Lauren Napoliello says:

    is this possible to do with long hair?

  19. njchick5 says:

    You are so creative with all the hairstyles! Thanks for sharing with rest of us

  20. beachbell09 says:

    just tried this to see how i liked it for prom it did not work the first time but the second time was awesome love this hair!!! so fast and easy once u get the hang of it

  21. ilhame819 says:


  22. Green Meltedpixels says:

    You look like Madonna when she was pretty and young :)

  23. Min Minty says:

    Easy peasy! Great stuff!

  24. Atrixtar says:

    You look like a mix of madonna and kate winslet..

  25. Hermione Granger says:

    where are you from…?

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