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DIY 3 Boho Bridal Hair Accessories

Getting in touch with me: PINTEREST: pinterest.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Requests: www.formspring.me Second Channel: www.youtube.com/letsmakeitup2 Business Inquiries Only: Email letsmakeitup1@yahoo.com Products I used: Lace Applique – Etsy (.50) Beaded Applique – Etsy (seller: Gloryshouse) (-) Hair Extension Clips – Ebay () Rhinestone Strands – Target Necklace and Vintage Neclace (For me: , expect from -) Tulle – Michaels () Veil – Etsy (Seller: GorgeousComplements2) () Totals: Style 1: Style 2: Style 3: (with the veil ) What I’m wearing: Shirt: Forever 21 (all of them, lol) Nails: Essie Nice is Nice, Butter London Wallis, China Glaze Strawberry Fields

24 Responses so far.

  1. hazeldazzle21 says:

    style 3!!!

  2. OHeyBails says:


  3. cherryicedtea says:


  4. sashlav04 says:

    I’m doing this whenever I get married

  5. laura wie says:

    Style 2!!:))
    How old are you?:))

  6. melissahedden says:

    #2. Very lovely. Hope it was wonderful for you & congratulations.

  7. xxxLoveAndDreamsxxx says:

    You should do a tutorial of the waves in style 1 and 2! :)

  8. flanya88 says:

    i think you wore #2!

  9. Marie Metivier says:

    SO beautiful! When I saw your wedding video, I never thought you actually did your accessorize yourself, it’s gorgeous! might steal the idea for my friend’s wedding in april with another colour ^^

  10. blondiek129 says:


  11. Cristiane Dias says:

    number 3

  12. sarahtigirl15 says:

    thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!

  13. Lac Lau says:

    aaaww i love it!! My wedding is in two months I did not want to sell the good on your wedding but not the other two walks pliss say yes! would make me very happy i from mexico!!

  14. cutiepie1501325 says:


  15. Michaelah Reynolds says:

    Can you do a tutorial on how you made the accessory? I really want to make them!

  16. Madison Thomas says:

    How did you curl your hair in style #1?

  17. mainearista says:

    Hey, it will be cool if u video 5 places and 5 restaurants one must go when visiting LA. ((:

  18. Tariena1001 says:

    It’s ridiculous to know how easy they are compared to the prices they sell them with!Thank you or the tutorial.

  19. Kountry Gurl says:

    style # 2.
    Just want to make a comment about your makeup look worn in this video. You are a beautiful person, and you have beautiful eyes, but this makeup look does weigh down on your eyes and kind of drown them out. This isn’t saying you don’t look nice, just a commenting on how I think you could look so much better with light colored makeup. Love your videos though. Blessings, KountryGurl

  20. shannon hoy says:

    You wore the ones with the rhinestones on it and with out the veil. The head piece is beautiful :)

  21. hollybear120602 says:

    I think style 1

  22. LilMaeris says:

    I am soooooooooooo happy you did this video and that I decided to browse through your videos to find looks for my wedding day next February. There were so many lace pieces that i loved but were over $200 and I couldn’t afford it… but seeing this made me realize I can definitely make it myself, have my dream head piece without feeling bad that I paid for them that big of a price tag. I love you and thank you for this early wedding gift :) You should sell them yourself :P

  23. LilMaeris says:

    Could you tell me who the sellers were in Etsy? there are sooooooo many pages of applique to look through (over 255) and I’m getting a migrane just looking! I’d appreciate it :D

  24. smilesaylizzie says:

    @LilMaeris Most of the sellers from easy are listed in the down bar :)

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