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Dutch Flower Braid | Updos | Cute Girls Hairstyles

To see more photos of this style, please visit… http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com Want to become a “Super Fan” of the week, and potentially have your phot…

25 Responses so far.

  1. paupau22560 says:

    very nice ! I love it ! :)

  2. nasreen moon says:

    حلوووه بس صعبه شوي

  3. Nicky Talks says:

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  4. Jaelynn Poopy says:

    No it’s against the law

  5. Cute Girls Hairstyles says:

    Yes, you could, but it would not look as beautiful, in my opinion…

  6. Таня Короткова says:

    Please whoever sees this. Sign up to my channel. And rate my first video. I would appreciate it

  7. shiine briight says:

    Beautiful Hairstyle!

  8. anacarolina4362 says:

    Very beautiful

  9. Hannah Kirsch says:

    mTried this on my little sister! She loved it! Thanks! :)

  10. nnaidellyn says:

    Cool ill try it for the first day of school

  11. The Jasmins says:

    if you are reading this right now the THANK YOU so much !!!
    so me and my best friend have a beauty channel
    and all of our videos are in HD and we do DIY´s , hair ,
    nail and makeup tutorials and were wondering if you could
    maybe swing by and check it out. We would really appreciate it :D
    Anyway have a wonderful day :D

  12. هناميشي ساكوراجي says:

    It’s amazing ♡

  13. angel vazquezontiveros says:

    great flower

  14. Mallika Muffin says:

    That’s awesome! <3 all these hairstyles.
    is it possible to do it on yourself?

  15. silviarebecca says:

    Thank you for the tutorial :) I’m gonna do this hair updo for my graduation ceremony. Oh and, I wish you’re my mum or my sister so you could do anything to my hair lol You’re awesome!

  16. VARVARA82 says:


  17. Daphne De DOMINICIS says:

    C est trop beau lové

  18. Iqra T says:


  19. Pang Vue says:


  20. aliciagomex60 says:

    Love it

  21. awkoteen says:

    too bad I am so uncoordinated when braiding!

  22. Victoria Maria says:

    Your daughter is your little guinea pig! Hahaha

  23. Victoria Maria says:

    Your daughter is your little guinea pig! Hahaha

  24. bethany hamilton guite says:

    wow!!!! Thats really great love the hair style

  25. joseph bond says:



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