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Easy updo hairstyle for long hair Braided flower bun tutorial for prom, wedding party 2013

I’m wearing Glam Time clip in hair extensions http://www.GlamTimeHair.com *** In this quick and easy spring / summer 2012 no heat hair tutorial, I show how t…

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  1. JustKillParadise says:

    I think I might do this for my sister’s wedding! I’ve been having such a hard time choosing a hairstyle because she’s giving us bridesmaids no direction haha. I’m just worried because I have a lot of layers and my hair is kind of thin… I’ll try it to test the look, thanks in advance!

  2. Megiggles122995 says:

    I used this do on my friend for homecoming she has long thick straight hair and it worked great. it was easy to do even for someone like myself that is VERY inexperienced at doing hair.

  3. starryeyesurpise says:

    will this work as a low bun too? as in nearer the nape of your neck?

  4. Maria Izabel Alves da Costa says:

    muito lindo seu trabalho,,,parabens….

  5. Naina S says:

    loved it …thx a lot :)

  6. alanna manary says:

    I have chocolate hair and I was thinking of doing this for my birthday on Saturday March 30th.and so will it look nice and will it work in a kid that is terning in to a teenager because I love the look of it in hair like yours in this vidio.

  7. alanna manary says:

    It looks really good from my point in your hair but I was just wondering on how good it would look in my hair and you have the perfect amount of hair

  8. MjMARTINEZ25 says:

    Beautiful I tried this still need practicing but my bun came out nice love all Ur tutorials

  9. carly rohling says:

    I figured out what I want for my birthday hair extensions so I can do this stuff

  10. TheTekinha15 says:

    What do you use to edit your videos?

  11. olivier9612 says:

    My friend did the same hairstyle in this video. Look at the photos and compare it :-) ucesse.blogspot.cz :-)

  12. Ruben Aguilar says:

    Gorgeous!! I can’t wait to try it on my client this Saturday. Thank you!

  13. Shabana Flaherty says:

    This is very easy and beautiful .. Thank you for teaching us that and may god bless your hands :)

  14. Carolina Estala says:

    I really liked this hairstyle and tried it for my teachers wedding and i got so many comments :) Thanks for this tutorial :)

  15. Lilith Moon says:

    My pleasure :) Glad to hear that your look was such a success! X

  16. Kimberlee Alford says:

    does this work on shorter hair? mine is layered and goes to my shoulders

  17. mloera2883 says:

    I doubt this would work on shorter hair, hence “extensions”. This was such an easy updo. Its carazy!

  18. jingjingliao says:

    Nice and easy

  19. lizzethe52 says:

    Muy bonito y facil, gracias.

  20. Jennifer Mijangos says:

    hey i am sorry i just love your accent but i must know where r u from? haha! i just really am getting into cosmetology and i admire your hair so much!

  21. Анна Карандухова says:

    вы использовали какое-нибудь средство для укладки перед прической?(если вы и озвучивали это в видео, я могла не разобрать) ваши волосы так послушны в руках, кажется все так легко и просто.

  22. Lilith Moon says:

    спасибо! тут я никакими средствами не пользовалась, но вообще мне нравятся продукты для укладки из серии Wella SP :)

  23. Lilith Moon says:

    Thanks a lot, I currently live in France, but my accent is Russian ;) X

  24. RenadBattawi says:

    So easy and nice :)

  25. Shaima Adham says:

    its so easy !!

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