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We show you how to create 3 fast and effortlessly chic wedding hairstyles and updos For more fashion and beauty videos, visit www.flare.com/videos

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    wow daz quick

  2. jpsmith80 says:

    i love the braided bun!! it’s my favorite and it’s beautiful =D

  3. KarinasPets says:

    I have been wearing my hair in these three way’s for a very long time and I’m glad to see them finally on youtube!

  4. nheavel says:

    what is the purpose of curling it when u plan to braid it anyway?

  5. nheavel says:

    what is the purpose of curling it when u plan to braid it anyway?

  6. roxana93446 says:

    were can i get that horseshoe bobby-pin u used to hold the bun in place :)

  7. roxana93446 says:

    never-mind just saw it on the video lol

  8. TheAverageFox says:

    The braided bun was gorgeous. I’ve got to find some of those spin pins!

  9. lehairstylist says:

    you can get them any where like walmart.

  10. lehairstylist says:

    Oh and the man looks like Ben Affleck a little

  11. LaBellisima58 says:

    NO offense but I wear my hair like that just to wonder around the house and do groceries etc. I would never wear such hair styles to a wedding or any party. That was just not creative whatsoever, Sorry but they say honesty sets u free lol

  12. mariewe96 says:

    Where can I buy the pin in the braided bun?

  13. Norex25 says:

    That’s why it’s titled “EASY WEDDING HAIRSTYLES” because they are easy to do and simple yet elegant.

  14. LaBellisima58 says:

    well it was my opinion and thats why I said what I said. If you think that is simple I agree but Elegant would’nt be the word I would use to describe these hair do’s. I guess this is why girls walk around thinking they look good when they really don’t. It’s ok you keep lying to the viewers.

  15. Norex25 says:

    That’s ok.

  16. ZanujAdonis says:


  17. ghool10000 says:

    the model has amazing hair!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. usernameunadvailable says:

    the model is so pretty

  19. cherribabii66 says:

    i need toget me a spin pin

  20. LittleMissStylist says:

    Aah, easy and no second work.
    I love <3 <3 <3

  21. LiLiLaJolie says:

    this girl reminds me (when she’s) serious of Cate Blanchet

  22. eve7280 says:

    xxqsme did you say romantic .?? i do this after i wake up in the morning i wont do it for a weeding lol.!!!!

  23. eve7280 says:

    LaBellisima…!!!! you are RIGHT MIJAA.. JAJAJAJA

  24. SkinnySexyBride says:

    Some great updo ideas for brides!

  25. BridalBeautyPlan says:

    Very Chic

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