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Easy Wedding / Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair – Adele Inspired

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25 Responses so far.

  1. Nimra Nayyar says:

    nice and decent hair style ….

  2. maruf sau says:

    Hey, do you know “HAIRator” (search on Google for it)? There you can watch a good free video explaining a pain-free hair removal solution that involves no waxing and / or shaving. The truth is, even medical professionals suggest it. This made it possible for Emma to have lasting soft skin. Hopefully it helps you as well.

  3. speedpro10 says:

    You’re pretty! Thanks for the tips. :)

  4. passion4music105 says:

    would it look good with two pony tails

  5. Julia Maher says:

    I have a wedding coming up and i will definitely use one of these

  6. gleeforever1814 says:

    i loved the messy bun look i will definitely try that

  7. lupeeex3 says:

    Cute! Will try

  8. Samantha Southworth says:

    what if i dont have bangs ?

  9. Nicole Garrett says:

    I love all of your hair styling videos!! So many things I need to try :D

  10. SaMrAh AtTaR says:

    my curls dont stay on for long….what should i do?

  11. YourMissSweden says:

    trying this for a wedding im going to today :)

  12. YourMissSweden says:

    Just done it and it looks great! Thank u so much !:) i really cant do ANYTHING with my hair but this was actually pretty easy :) x

  13. Madison Oosterbroek says:

    You are so beautiful! Remind me kinda of the Nancy Drew girl

  14. kittykatchocolover25 says:

    I know!!!

  15. kittykatchocolover25 says:

    I like it best when it is just down and curled. I think that looks so nice!!

  16. Nona Todorova says:

    all of them are great ! :)

  17. Samya Abud says:

    Brasil Love your channel!!! :)

  18. Rachel Lee says:

    I luv ur voice! XD

  19. faiza ben says:

    wooo so beautiful, !!! :)
    I like this video, it’s the best that you made I think ^^!!
    thank you so much, <3<3

  20. Marijn Huijers says:

    I like it 

  21. lydia lamis says:

    j kiffe

  22. Sesilia Kelyombar says:

    I love the background music. What is it?

  23. Fhoodh95 says:


  24. mianhotmida says:


  25. KremSjokolade says:

    I really love this. I really REALLY hope I wont look ugly when I try to make this for my schools valentines ball.. x]] Thank you so much.

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