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Easy wedding updo tutorial Prom hairstyle for short to medium long hair 2013

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25 Responses so far.

  1. s346577943 says:

    Very beautiful and easy. And beautiful hair color.

  2. Ивана Степанов Свркота says:

    Dorogaya Lilith, that is beautiful hair color that you have. Can you tell me what brand do you use for hair colouring?

  3. Mercy Naulu says:


  4. Sikiwawa bOoSs says:

    i love your creativity =]

  5. Carrie Geren Scoggins says:

    Really pretty!

  6. anita requejo says:

    Very pretty And simple

  7. Vanja Wollik says:


  8. jj37169 says:


  9. Julie Bruun says:

    I love your videos! You are so pretty, & talented!:)
    My aunt & uncle are getting married in a month & I’m one of the bridesmaids! I will be doing this hairstyle for the wedding, & I’m super exited :)
    Love from Denmark! <3

  10. tori fazio says:

    Can you do this with short hair?

  11. ruth albert says:

    Oh that was lovely!

  12. travikika says:

    Love it

  13. eliscominkdl says:

    Can’t wait to try this!

  14. ichen45 says:

    Гениальная идея! Спасибо большое!!!

  15. linda rose says:

    ur eyes vere beautifull i love u

  16. linda rose says:

    it is ur rauly eye

  17. elena parker says:

    nice one !

  18. Fernanda Ortega says:

    If u do that twist it doesn’t get tangled

  19. chloe klak says:


  20. Kat Willman says:

    Wow very beautiful n easy to do :-)

  21. Eva Ayudhanarta says:

    very pretty

  22. Brenda White says:

    I love this style but having tried it it doesn’t work with fine hair :-(

  23. kinzmaven says:

    It goes without saying your style and techniques are flawless ~ as usual ~ but today your nails really caught my attention! I love the high shine, the gorgeous pink colour, and am I mistaken, or are they shiny/matte stripe?? Well done!

  24. MlleTiL says:

    This is gorgeous

  25. Casey Thompson says:

    This hairstyle is BRILLIANT! I love your new backround by the way! The pearly sheen compliments your light hair and eyes so beautifully <3

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