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Elegant prom hairstyle for long straight hair Romantic wedding half updo Valentines hair tutorial

I’m wearing Glam Time clip in hair extensions http://www.GlamTimeHair.com Страница В КОНТАКТЕ http://vk.com/public43817909 *** In this sophisticated spring /…

25 Responses so far.

  1. Skyler Perkins says:

    Do you think that it would look good with the bottom curly?

  2. Skyler Perkins says:

    And would it also look good if I had side-swept bangs and I left them out?

  3. Lilith Moon says:

    Oh yeah, it should look lovely! :)

  4. Farooha Shaqiri says:

    Love it <3


    I want this for my wedding :D

  6. Marisol Gonzalez says:

    I love your accent!

  7. Jyffner says:

    Thanks for this upload. I’m getting married April 26th and this is exactly what I was looking for. :)

  8. Lilith Moon says:

    aww that’s awesome! have the best wedding ever!! :)

  9. hairwithandie123 says:

    Love it! I’m new on youtube and if you could check out my channel I would really appreciate it! Thanks <3

  10. Emmajen says:

    This is so beautiful! I’m gonna try it for church next week I think. :)

  11. mellechibi says:

    you make me wish i was straight haired !!! i have dark brown (love the color) princess curled hair…… -_-’ when it’s not frizzy!! And thanks for the tutorial i loveee <3 <3 your channel :* <3 <3

  12. Meg Usta says:

    Can I do this with very long hair??

  13. Lilith Moon says:

    aww thank you, sweetie! you can always straighten your hair for a day and I can always curl mine – nothing is as exciting as a temporary change ;) X

  14. Angel Capoeman says:

    so beautiful! la la lOVE it!

  15. qht hend says:

    soooo nice

  16. Jenny Murphy says:

    are you from Ukrain

  17. Asap Snoopy says:

    You really have a good mind of doing hairstyle your the best.THANK YOU for posting it on YouTube. : -)

  18. maya aliza says:

    if u keep going all the way down, it looks sorta like a fishtail braid :) btw, LOVE ur videos <3 :D

  19. 63SonicBaby says:

    your work is amazing ur so good at what you do..xx

  20. Susana Duran says:

    Thank you so much for your videos, cause im using them to do my hair at important parties, instead of getting it done at a salon :)

  21. natzskae says:

    is there a way to do this on the side?

  22. dga9292 says:

    so easy and so cool

  23. Latte Petko says:

    Can you do some hairstyles with front bangs? I have bangs that go across my forehead.

  24. Tamanna Islam says:

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  25. Yuliya Shkaraput says:

    so easy and so beautiful….mmmmmmm… thanks a lot !!!!!

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