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Flower Girl Hair Easy Wedding Hairstyle || Kin Beauty

Beautify yourself! See more KIN BEAUTY videos & regimens here: bit.ly Hair by April Corley (www.aprilcorley.com) ————————————– SUBSCRIBE on YouTube (Never miss a video!) http “flowers” “summer flowers” “wedding flowers” “wedding flower girl” kin “flower girl” kinbeauty…

10 Responses so far.

  1. FunSoSoToTo says:

    beautiful ! :D 

  2. ickimickix says:

    Her hair will be a disaster if you ever curl her hair with a curling iron again at this age. ~Just saying…

  3. gatatica1 says:

    She looks so adorable and not over the top so it will work for a Tea Party, a family reunion, photo shoot, school pictures (without the flowers), birthday party, etc…

  4. wondernessful says:

    what a cutie!

  5. melonfreshh says:

    She’s so precious!

  6. chelsiepoo07 says:

    so cute!!

  7. lhartlett says:

    WHAT!? I’ve never seen pins that twist! Where can I get those??

  8. ayebaybayy2 says:

    Ahh…So thats how you use those hair pins!

  9. thisgirlovesmusic musicgirl says:

    what is named of the song?

  10. ToddlerDressesTV says:

    wow looks great kids nice video got some idea thanks

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