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Get Ready With Me: Wedding Guest ❤ Makeup, Hair & Outfit

Hello my beautiful blossoms, Here is another fun Get Ready With Me video! This time, I’m heading to a Wedding and you guys will join me while I get ready from START to FINISH. You’ll be joining me while I: Do my nails Apply my makeup Style my hair Pick my outfit Pick my jewelry Pick my shoes & pack essentials for my clutch I went to bed with a camera next to me so when I wake up, I can film the whole process. I actually had trouble sleeping because I had a terrible migraine so I woke up looking extra tired. My skin isn’t in best condition either because I had an allergic reaction to the makeup used on me for our PreWedding Photoshoot. Hope you guys don’t mind ^^ To be honest, I had no idea how I was going to do my makeup, hair or nails. I didn’t even plan what I was going to wear either so it was actually really fun to do everything on the spot without planning. Let me know if you guys like these types of videos. Hope little Chubbi and Domo made you smile too! The entire look (makeup, hair and outfit) is matched to look very romantic and girly. Check out the link before for full list of the makeup, outfit pieces and jewellery featured in the video: www.bubzbeauty.com Congratulations to Kenny & Helen!! You two are PERFECT for each other! Wishing you two lovebirds a lifetime of happiness!! Now make some babies!!! Bubz, why are you wearing white to a Wedding? I actually wore a cream dress and I wore a pink jacket (which I never took off) to break up the light tones. However

25 Responses so far.

  1. crstlvlz19 says:

    You look so freaking cute :) I loooove the outfit!!

  2. talaash6001 says:

    U look like gettin ready to sell cookies

  3. RukiahTaicho says:

    Why can’t Domo jump off the bed? Is he/she sick in some way or is it just simply to high for him/her?

    Awesome look, btw. c:
    (I would be happy if I got a response c:)

  4. farhad Khondaker says:

    you sad bitch

  5. TasteLikeSushi says:

    But this isn’t your wedding. What is offensive to you, isn’t offensive to everyone. Everyone has different customs and preference. If someone mistook someone else for the bride other than you, than should they even be invited? I’ve seen guests dressed in white, and no one mistook them for the bride, or were your guests overdressed?

  6. stinor007 says:

    You are so cute xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. theaustinomaster says:

    You are fitt

  8. Mariana Blueshine says:

    You could do the nails on the actual day? Didn’t you have to wait some time for each coat to dry?

  9. BigAvatarFan says:

    Why do you support cosmetic companies that cruelly test on animals Bubz? How would you like it that that was your cute doggies being subjected to cruel animal tests in labs? :(

  10. lennic95 says:

    Why does she have an Irish accent? :P

  11. Inspirit Tran says:

    HI Bubz umm I was wondering if you could share with us how your skin lightened up because I remember you releasing a picture when you were younger and you said you were pretty tan back then ^^ or if you could tell us ways to lighten/whiten our skin like products,DIY’s etc :D

  12. FTFoodieCraft says:

    i dont understand why you would be bothered that some of your guests wore white, it’s not like they raped and stole your husband from you ._. you’re still the centre of attention

  13. Emilie Yu says:

    good job bubz

  14. xpikalovee says:

    true dat.

  15. AsianCutieful says:

    Because she was raised in Northern Ireland

  16. 4everFrd says:

    white gold… silver?

  17. BigAvatarFan says:

    Shame on your Bubz! Why do you support cosmetic companies that cruelly test on animals? How would you like it that that was your cute doggies being subjected to cruel animal tests in labs? And just for make-up? :(

  18. grace1993318 says:

    awww domo is sooooooooo adorable!!!!

  19. AsianCutieful says:

    In my opinion, If it were my wedding day, I probably wouldn’t be all that bothered. Yes, we don’t wear white to someone else’s wedding. But if you DO ACTUALLY read the description, it explains it all there. :)

  20. sp00kii says:

    Bubbi, I love you, and as a long time subscriber I feel I should tell you that that brow pencil color does not match

  21. Eyie Tang says:


  22. Malene Normann says:

    I love your videos!!! Can you do the 20 dollar makeup challenge ?

  23. thekiwamonster says:

    I think the bed is too tall :P

  24. Jessica Rodriguez says:

    What’s the curler you used called

  25. brokenpieces160 says:

    @Malene Normann I think it would be hard for bubz to do the $20 challenge because $20 HKD isn’t much in their perspective. I dont think she would be able to buy anything :D

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