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Get Ready With Me Wedding Guest | Hair & Makeup

Following on from my OOTD, here is a get ready with me video of both hair and makeup for the wedding I attended on Saturday. Very soft pinks and purples with…

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  1. Rachel Lee says:

    Makeup and Hair for a Wedding I attended

  2. Jessica Monique says:

    Loved this Rachel :) do you find wearing so much foundation breaks your
    skin out? Although it’s great coverage I feel like my skin wouldn’t breathe

  3. Linhhh_xxx3 says:

    Very pretty and classy!

  4. Rachelleea says:

    After that day a couple of tiny bumps appeared but nothing too crazy, I
    rarely do my makeup this heavy so I’m not too bothered if it does break me
    out it’s every once in a while :)

  5. Rachel Lee says:

    Makeup & Hair for a Wedding I attended

  6. Domniki Sarri says:

    Perfect look!

  7. trend E fraz says:

    I love this video!This is a really pretty look! Please check out my Get
    Ready With me Video on my channel… (trend E fraz ) Please subscribe!! It
    would mean a lot!!

  8. tete ali says:

    Your so pretty:)

  9. sun-sun1125 says:

    Wow! You’re so good at styling your hair!! Absolutely love it!! You’re very

  10. libertytelyn says:

    You are so beautiful! 

  11. Chantelle M says:


  12. MCSylv says:

    I love you video! You look very beautiful. You have a new subbie!

  13. girl lovely says:

    so much foundation but still beautiful and stuninng

  14. Ebony Sudulic says:

    hi I was just wondering if you could me nice enough to just tell me how to
    change the photo to a photo of your own for the like cover of the video so
    what everyone sees when they click on your videos? thanks

  15. TysonIsKetchy says:

    cani ask why you apply the napolean foundation as well as a second layer

  16. Sarah Mclean says:

    Wow u look so pretty im Australian as well! New sub 

  17. AliceRoared says:

    With I could do that hair style but I have too much hair (in thickness and
    length) to be held up by pins :( You looked fantastic!!

  18. stephanie shro says:

    Your so pretty! And amazing at makeup. You are professional when it comes
    to brows(: a little tad too much foundation but it looks good on you! 

  19. Amy Whittaker says:

    You are very orange 

  20. Leslie Morales-Lopez says:

    I love it!!!! Very simple but elegent!!! 

  21. ninientocalabas says:

    fist of all i love the makeup look you are gorgeous and you foundation
    looks so flawless :) I also love how well you do your eyebrows.

    I have a quick question about your foundation pump, where did you get the
    pump for the colorstay foundation?

    thanks :) 

  22. Fabiola Rodriguez says:


  23. Courtneyychic310 says:

    Omg! She’s gorgeous! I’m just about to click the subscribe button!

  24. Cathie Huxtable says:


  25. ohyouknow jeanett says:

    Finally some one who does a wedding guest tutorial

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