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Hairstyles for Long Hair | Indian, Pakistani, Asian Wedding Hair Style | Updo Bun

For updates on future videos, follow me on: Instagram: @shafsa (http://instagram.com/shafsa) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Yellow7001 This hairstyle is perfect for a formal occasion like…

25 Responses so far.

  1. SHAZAD YAQOOB says:


  2. Chakra Bahadur Chaudhary says:

    very nice

  3. starryeyesurpise says:

    Really nice video. Pls make more Pakistani hair tutorials for updos with tikka too – there is nothing on YouTube!

  4. shabaaz ali says:

    Plzupload more videos I really enjoyed dis one .

  5. shabaaz ali says:

    Plzupload more videos I really enjoyed dis one .

  6. Vell Retiza Baria says:

    how can I do that… my hair is layered..

  7. anydrama1 says:

    Is that the salon in seven kings??

  8. Hafsa says:

    gants hill branch

  9. ridni raina says:

    Veri nice

  10. Girlygirl95100 says:

    Woooow so easy!

  11. 1a1a8 says:


  12. carley dankert says:

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO very well done

  13. parameswaribala77 says:


  14. SHaX ShEiKh says:


  15. Abigail Jeromey says:

    great job.

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  17. Samreen Hussain says:

    It’s so wicked how you explained and did the hairstyle

  18. Jenny Rose Alfaro says:

    I like more how to learn hairdo…. Thank you

  19. Виктор Романченко says:

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  20. Treena Hashani says:

    realy help full..

  21. kamal kv says:

    wow..its just amazing

  22. zed nes says:

    wow, u make it look soo easy, but its not… good job though…

  23. queensassy edwin says:


  24. queensassy edwin says:


  25. tania chowdhury says:


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