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How To Breaking Dawn (Bella Swan) Wedding Hairstyle Step by Step (Twilight Inspired)

http://www.thehairstylistblog.com In this video The Hair Stylist Blog will teach you how to recreate an easy wedding hairstyle inspired by Bella Swan Wedding…

25 Responses so far.

  1. TheAndreaaMShow says:

    OMFG! i was looking for this (‘: i love it.

  2. thehairstylistblogtv says:

    Thank you! Glad you love it.

  3. coconutcraze3 says:

    Oh my gosh thank you so much!!!!

  4. thehairstylistblogtv says:

    Thank you for watching! Make sure to subscribe to our channel.

  5. Teresa Chanel says:

    Ah!! Che faccia che ha la modella!!!!
    Bello però il raccolto!

  6. thehairstylistblogtv says:


  7. thehairstylistblogtv says:

    Happy it helped! Thanks for watching.

  8. deya549 says:

    nice! loved it looks sooo easy! scared to try and do it tho i get irritated with my hair if it dsnt come out bt so gonna practice lol=].. thanxs!

  9. Westcott709 says:

    Some of the parts were difficult to see because of the low lighting. You need a brighter, white light, especially when working with dark hair.

  10. Jacky Salas says:

    doesn’t Bella have a braid? Why doesn’t he open de bobbypins?? D;; Have a down vote.

  11. thehairstylistblogtv says:

    Thanks for the feedback!

  12. thehairstylistblogtv says:


  13. drewcoshipoint says:

    this girl kinda looks like lea michelle…

  14. darlenelives says:

    that doesn’t look like Bella’s hairstyle at all – change your title!

  15. Zafiirah Zaf says:

    I want this Hairstyle for my wedding :P

  16. RheDahlia says:

    Nothing like “Bellas”

  17. BUTTERBUNS23 says:

    lol she looks mean!!

  18. Horseridinggirl31 says:

    This took more than 5 minutes…….

  19. gaylynndixon says:

    That is so pretty.so easy.

  20. lloya630 says:

    She looks so angry in the beginning lol

  21. LelouchxSuzakufan says:

    What kind of hairstyle is that? I love it and I wanna have my hair done like that.

  22. gracel planas says:

    this is cute…my hair is too long for this style but, this video gave me an idea..thanks !!

  23. jenngonzales25 says:

    Such a cute hair style

  24. hollie cope says:

    at the start look how not bothered the model looks lol cheer up luv lol

  25. Khairunnisa Taat says:

    The hair is really pretty..
    But the girl behind him looks like she’s gonna suck his blood in 20 seconds.. No offense!

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