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How to create a fishtail plait and turn it into a bun. Hair band talullahtu.com

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  1. LittleHerbie29 says:

    My hair goes past my shoulders but it’s still not long enough :( the half that gets flipped over falls out almost immediately…do you pin it to stay in place?

  2. BettyHonest says:

    You are wonderful! this is seriously the easiest tutorial on fishtail braiding! I finally was able to do it after weeks of trying!

  3. GPrtn says:

    Glory to Jesus Christ, our God, our Lord, our Savior ! May JESUS CHRIST bless you all.

  4. margolite1 says:

    i love it sam you eyes too

  5. bellajenna87 says:

    those are hair pins. You can find them at Sally’s Beauty.

  6. pitsesclubon says:

    i like this idea very much. …..i will do it for the christmas party!!!!

  7. AAAMTD says:

    This is so simple yet so delicate and pretty! Wow. Definitely gonna rock this hair-do for college, it’s chick but not overdone. Thanks for the tut!!!:)

  8. blackart555 says:

    i saw you in norwich last monday

  9. muxajetaptocom says:

    super pretty, and easy, thank you!!

  10. mrk010585 says:

    Thank you so much for this! I love it!

  11. misszigzagzx says:

    i love it but cant seem to do it.I have layers and when i try it it just goes into a big mess. any suggestions of where i may be going wrong?x

  12. misszigzagzx says:

    and also i did it but it went into a normall plait!

  13. rahi813 says:

    i’m loving it

  14. UtubeAnnaBanana says:

    Are you related to pixi2woo?

  15. Marisa Mendes says:

    pixiwoo´s borther is pixi2woo´s boyfriend

  16. Mslovinmusic4eva says:

    @misszigzagx You may want to take smaller prieces of hair. If you take ones too big, it turns out looking like a normal one

  17. Mslovinmusic4eva says:

    LOVE it! As you said, really simple and beautiful. Love the bangle idea by the way! -3

  18. maryan Sadik says:

    love ur hair !

  19. TheAneela10 says:

    thanx a lot for teaching me how to do a fishtail!! <3

  20. babyface2385 says:

    Please tell me what your haircolor is it’s gorgeous

  21. ratitacooki says:


  22. LiveeMusic says:

    Very cute tutorial! But I got sooo distracted!!! I was curling my hear while watching and nearly burnt a piece off! Proof of you captivating your audience! :P

  23. kjawaid000 says:


  24. NiiaRiia says:

    i saw you the first time and though: Woooooow !! Amazing Pretty !!
    You  look wonderful !

  25. callyd69 says:

    Always wondered how you did this plait, now I no! :-D

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