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How to Create a Wedding Updo for Medium Length Hair

Check out Bas Rutten’s Liver Shot on MMA Surge: http://bit.ly/MMASurgeEp1 Mahalo professional hair stylist Aubrey Loots shows you how to create a wedding upd…

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  1. Kathleen D says:

    I like a french twist but I do not like the extra stuff he did with the
    hair in the back,. I also don’t like the bangs hanging in the face. That is
    just me. French twist is always a classy updo though.

  2. Juan Wills Roman says:

    I like it nice…..

  3. MakupNails Valerie says:

    Very nice ! Can you do the classic bun.?.. not the donut form , but the
    clean , round, ‘bowly ‘one? Learned a lot ! tx !

  4. reddbyrde says:

    @mommykathy32 I have to agree. If I went into my salon on my wedding day,
    asked for a french twist & got this; I would be pissed.

  5. Danny Leclair says:

    @reddbyrde If you were consulting a stylist, you would work together. Doing
    a 10 minute video is intended to give you instruction on how to approach a
    style. Kinda think your comment is catty kathy. I personally love the end
    result. If I didn’t I probably wouldn’t take an anonymous swipe online.

  6. reddbyrde says:

    @FouzyMalouf Am I the only one that didn’t like that? So why are you even
    addressing me. I’m talking about what I would like or not like for MY head.
    It’s my OPINION. You don’t have to agree. You like what you like & I like
    what I like. If I didn’t agree with your OPINION I wouldn’t take an
    anonymous swipe online. You’re entitled to yours & I’m entitled to mine.
    You don’t have the right to talk shit to me because you do like it. I
    don’t. I don’t have to apologize for that.

  7. JepicJail says:

    The model looks pissed off….

  8. OUTgoingTEMPations says:

    did anybody notice how dry her ends were? 10:27

  9. Black Veil Bride Forever says:

    Kiss your hand 10 times. Say your crushes name 15 times. Post this to two
    other videos. Look at your hand

  10. Vanessa Marquez says:

    This loser has no idea wtf he is doing. Please don’t make anymore hairstyle

  11. BeautyStar4EVER13 says:

    Poor model!

  12. Renad Mansour says:

    this is not a French twist !

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