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How To Do A Low Updo Hairstyle: Long Hair With Wedding Veil

Facebook: www.facebook.com This is a tutorial on how to do a classic special occasion updo hairstyle for long hair. Beautiful curls are placed low toward the back of the nape area. Tips on where to place your veil and how to lock in your bobby pins so they stay.

18 Responses so far.

  1. Seniia Moreno says:

    its cute<3:)

  2. Lila Soth says:

    you are very good. Please show more tutorial on bridal hair

  3. mikisarah1975 says:

    you are very good teacher thanks

  4. TheEalessandro215 says:

    your very neat and clean ..which is the most important with up dos ..Aquage Transforming Paste, with the liquid working firm hold spray are products i recommend using creating this piece of art….keep up the good work…Thank You.

  5. favatat says:

    Thank you! I will try these products too, I’ve used Aquage before. I seriously was just thinking that I needed to get some good products for updos that I planned on creating in future videos. XO Tammy

  6. rengaudiano says:

    muito linda !!

  7. favatat says:

    If this is your version of medium hair….. I would be interested in seeing your long hair models haha:)

  8. 4everballetdancer says:

    You make this look so easy! Loved the end result :) I’d love to try it on my daughter’s hair for her voice recital this weekend. I was wondering if you used hot rollers or anything on her hair before putting it in the ponytail, because the ends look a little curly. (Just wondered if that would help. My daughter’s hair is pretty fine). Any suggestions?

  9. favatat says:

    I curled her hair with Velcro rollers..a dry set, but you could use a curling iron, hot rollers..whatever you like to use best:)

  10. jing040377 says:

    i like d music hehehehe n d tutorial tnx

  11. Abohannon1 says:

    Pretty but this is medium hair. My hair is almost to my knees…that’s what I would consider long

  12. CMai01 says:

    Favatat, Thank you SO much for posting these vids! There are many of us that need help with hair styles. I need the help for my little girls. I love when REO Speedwagon started to play! ;)  Brings me back… lol! Please keep posting videos.

  13. eezepeeze says:

    My hair is much longer than your model’s hair, hip length. Would this updo still work? I am getting married in a few months. My veil is similar to the one shown, but I am also wearing a tiara. Do you have any vids up showcasing curly wedding updos, maybe a side bun or something similar, with some height near the crown? I am trying to find some things to try that have a little volume around the face that will showcase my tiara. Any tips?

  14. favatat says:

    I have a few updos on hear, but I do plan on creating more updo tutorials in the near future. Thank you for watching:) XO

  15. realvanillahair says:

    this world considers on average data……..lol……rarely ppl have that long hair like urs……so in general we all consider this as long hair

  16. realvanillahair says:

    more wedding updos plzzzzzzzz

  17. parmveer kaur says:

    I had a teacher called mrs favata

  18. SelenaJohalVevo says:

    1 say selena gomez
    2 clap our hands
    3 pos this on 3 other videos
    4 check your voice

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