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Indian, Pakistani, Asian Bridal Hair Style | Tikka & Dupatta Setting Tutorial | Wedding Hairstyles

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25 Responses so far.

  1. Shamsa Butt says:

    I simply love your hair tutorial . Please don’t stop making videos. X

  2. Adeela1989 says:

    What hair spray is that

  3. marry khan says:

    V nice

  4. anydrama1 says:

    Fantastic love you’re videos

  5. Tina De Wert says:

    So gorgeous!

  6. Treena Hashani says:

    More hairstyles plz..high hairstyles

  7. waqaswaqas says:

    another hair tutorial plz! 

  8. Babina Shrestha says:

    More . bridle long hair style plss

  9. 88erendira says:

    The different colored hair actually makes it easier to see what the stylist
    is doing. Good idea 

  10. unforgetful22 says:

    Makeup and hair . Love ur work

  11. Simmi Bambra says:

    Awesome.pls do some more hairstyle videos..

  12. alizagul says:

    Thanks a million .. Hairs n makeup are just perfect.. can u plz make
    tutorial of this makeup look.. And more pakistani bridal hair n dupatta ..
    Love ur channel :) 

  13. sultana miah says:

    Stunning bridal hairstyle and you look gorgeous too ma shaa Allah.

  14. Nausheen Akhtar says:

    Sooo bautiful Masha Allah. Plz do more hair tutorials love watching all ur

  15. sophia baig says:

    Hafsa! Thank you so much, I’ve been looking for the longest time for a
    decent dupatta setting video. Your video are amazing, please keep the
    videos coming. Sophia

  16. Raman Brar says:


  17. L Beg says:

    Can you also do a tutorial on hairstyle for a hijabi, how to tie the hijab
    and how to set the dupatta on top of the hijab? Thamks

  18. Chrisman Wilkey says:

    Beautiful for sure

  19. MsPinkSweetHeart says:

    omg this is so beautiful!

  20. VijKreshna Jhumun says:

    hi hafsa…nice video

  21. sum1fine says:

    so gorgeous, but missing floral strings, gajray ke baghair bridal hairs

  22. Muneeerah says:

    Great hairstyle and tutorial! Please do more dupatta draping tutorials

  23. sobia lodhi says:

    This is amazing!! Thanks so much for these videos!! Can you do a tutorial
    on the famous pakistani (glowy) bridal foundation base!? :) 

  24. Fazilat Ali says:

    can you please tell me where to get that kind of xpression hair from online
    that ships to newzealand please, not having any luck.. 

  25. Shirley Hernandez says:


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