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My Wedding Hair Tutorial & Jewellery!

Please note, I am Canadian. We spell Jewellery like this ;) My Wedding Video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O3nJ41J2wE Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/Ha…

23 Responses so far.

  1. Krystle H says:

    Hey beautiful, could you tell me the lipstick brand/color of the one you’re wearing in this video? Looks very beautiful with your skin tone/coloring etc :) :) <3

  2. ItalianViolinist says:

    LOVE the hair and makeup! Stunning!

  3. Veronica Glapa says:

    without extensions at the end you look older! really! But I still like your shorter hair and you with ur extensions… with longer hair you look kinda like a princess ;P

  4. Isabel Benitez says:

    Guapísima. Te quedó precioso.

  5. VaswLautner says:

    You cut your hair. :(

  6. Kit Kat says:

    are you professional giveaway hunter?

  7. Skye Seaforth says:


  8. Simona Di matteo says:

    Thanks to your channel I really learned new way for me hair ! Thank You so much ! Greatings from italy!!!

  9. SamanthaVersailles says:

    you are absolutely gorgeous!!! this look is flawless
    LOve love love!!

  10. AGPHairstyles says:

    I’m not getting married for a loooong time (ha I don’t even have a boyfriend right now) but I sooo want to do my hair just like this for my wedding! :) it’s gorgeous!

  11. mamacitao1 says:

    your so gorgeous ! <3

  12. lovejmo1 says:

    why did you have ur ring on the whole time then take it off when doing ur hair!!?

  13. HairGirl247 says:

    @lovejmo1 because I don’t want to get hairspray and product on them.

  14. karinhagendijk1 says:

    what length extensions do you use and how much for the bridal hairstyle?

  15. Bonita Langeberg says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  16. ashleycid1 says:

    My daughter is 4 years old and she loves watching your videos with me before bed. She wanted to make a tartorial on your hair style her version. How do I post it for you to see?

  17. HairGirl247 says:

    @ashleycid1 aww! Thats so sweer! You can post it as a video response on this video!

  18. ashleycid1 says:

    I don’t know how to do that.

  19. Alex Andra says:

    You’re a really nice girl, luv watchin’ your videos! All the best from Germany…

  20. Berrie Smith says:

    You must not neglect your hairstyle and the theme of your wedding when it comes to selecting Bridal jewelry. Therefore you must consider hairstyle along with your dress and shoes. If you look around you will find your close friends who can help you on this issue.

  21. Aksa I. says:

    if we dont have a Manichean how can we curl the extentions?? what can we attach it to lol 

  22. videoqueenhere says:

    @HairGirl247 what size curling iron are you using here?

  23. 0RoseWater0 says:

    woow its nice ^_^

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