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My Wedding Hair!!

I had my friend do my hair to give me some time to relax and keep me from having a panic attack over one out of place hair ;) . Getting in touch with me: PINTEREST: pinterest.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Requests: www.formspring.me Second Channel: www.youtube.com/letsmakeitup2 Business Inquiries Only: Email letsmakeitup1@yahoo.com Music by: Thanks for watching!

24 Responses so far.

  1. Kaylee Bowersock says:

    ooo girl she didn’t wrap your curls.. just kidding! you looked beautiful :D So happy for you!

  2. swtjlsc says:

    Congratulations on your big day and this new stage of your life!! All the happiness for you two with a lot of love! You’re gorgeous!! :) )

  3. Lucelly Luc says:

    what a beautiful adn stunning bride..loved it <3 gorgeous!!

  4. Adela Rabell says:

    OMG!!! you look so beatiful!!! amazing!!! both are the perfect coulple!! Congrats from Mexico :)

  5. TheLadyWeaver says:

    Being married is the best adventure ever. I wish you many, many years of happiness!

  6. karouma7 says:

    You were just perfect !! Congratulations :)

  7. fotiniSF says:

    congrats!you’re really beautiful! beautiful bride!!!!

  8. Perla Mendez says:

    You jumping around was precious! You looked beautiful hope you two last FOREVER!

  9. Tariena1001 says:

    You looked gorgeous Kiely!!! You two are so cute together. Hope you have a long life lived with joy and love. Best wishes from one of your subscribers :) ) <3

  10. viloy101 says:

    I would have been soooooooo stressed if I was the girl who did your hair cuz you are amazing at doing hair =)
    You looked gorgeous! Congrats from Guatemala ^-^

  11. veam4 says:

    How old is she again?

  12. fishndbucket says:

    Congratulations!! I wish you two all the happiness in the world and thank YOU for sharing your wedding day with us! You’re absolutely beautiful :) !

  13. annaciambellina says:

    I am wearing this tonight for my choir concert! So excited! I am going to wear a simple black hair clip thpugh!

  14. Emma Elisson says:

    You are such a beautiful bride! I wish you many adventures, laughs and happy memorys

  15. mademoiselleyadira says:

    Ouu that was super sweet and u looked like an angel!!

  16. Macarena Leyton Gomolán says:

    Congratulations!! You looked so happy!!

  17. Jennifer Kim says:

    You’re beautiful ^.^ wish you the best

  18. inzie23 says:

    Congratulations!! You look so happy and gorgeous!! 

  19. Pocksie says:

    Congrats! Very happy for you, and you looked stunning! :) 

  20. pariangle says:

    you are one gorgeous bride I’ve ever seen! :)

  21. Kristinogronja Matheussenberntsen says:


  22. bluecutipy1 says:

    I love your hair piece. where did you get it?

  23. shannon hoy says:

    Beautiful dress, beautiful head piece, beautiful woman- great tutorial ^_^ xx

  24. bogzaz1 says:

    Congrats!! You looked beautiful : )

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