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Natural Bridal & Bridesmaid Hair & Makeup Makeover ~KIIS FM’s Perfect Wedding

Behind every great designer is a visionary, forecaster and artist. My job as a hair designer is to report and show beauty trends. I think that the new Era of beauty focuses on Beauty from the Inside Out. That is why I give character to my clients and do not place them all into the same framework. For more info visit us at www.bellanella.com Friend us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter twitter.com

25 Responses so far.

  1. milagrosxxxxxxxx says:

    hola me gusta mucho tus videos …podrias enviarme todos por favor …..gracias

  2. gerhard321 says:

    Holy cow, gorgeous!!!

  3. mrmackeysblues says:


  4. nelly70001 says:

    these r awesome!!!!! just perfect!!!!

  5. Lauralovesquche says:

    I love these. They all look so pretty.

  6. guadalupepink says:

    gracias por existir, a todo el equipo de cambio para transformar a las mujeres en unas princesas felicidades tienen magia en sus manos

  7. chicanitasurena says:


  8. SunflowerAim says:

    Beautiful do’s

  9. amberkelly99 says:

    These are very beautiful but can you do a how to on a updo please. :)

  10. BUNNY0587 says:

    ohhh my god…..these ladies knw wat they r doing. I totally love it!!!!

  11. rachelmfd says:

    i thought this said step by step? all it is is showing the after

  12. CoCoHanson07 says:

    I cant wait to get my cosmetology license, so much to learn! these are amazing looks!!

  13. neiloofar says:

    i may get married in a couple of months and its out of US and in my country they can’t make such beautifull hair, so i think i should buy some fake hair and design it by these people and use it on my wedding……….. all hair styles are so cool

  14. angelz1ful says:

    yeag great styles but would be better if it actually was a step by step it would be more informative and beneficial.

  15. sashkalitcheski says:

    love the tailored music

  16. BrazilianDestiny says:

    lovn the makeup

  17. j4netgaz says:

    Has this worked??…

  18. sicilian83 says:

    absolutely beautiful :) ….such an inspiration to me as a hair stylist..i do a lot of weddings and seeing this makes me proud of who i am x

  19. karamichelemusic says:

    beautiful u gave me ideas for my formal dance thanz

  20. Sefidbarfi06 says:

    Is she iranian ?

  21. francine26ify says:

    mein traum ein eigenes salong……

  22. MariMentana says:

    Find an Latino wife online**rockmycity.info**

  23. TRmilliyetci55 says:

    I Love her Hair 2:55

  24. LilFishiie says:

    i loved the first girl’s hair most..she was so delicate and pretty…but then again, they all are. :)

  25. Ria Avenido says:

    sooo pretty

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