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North Indian Bridal Hairstyle by estherkinder

fun& easy North Indian hairstyles which you can practice at home.

25 Responses so far.

  1. louds22 says:

    You are an amazing Teacher. I like the way you teach with clarity and so much precision. Love your work

  2. Esther Kinder says:

    Thank U

  3. zara1114 says:

    so beautiful. i love the fact that you did not back comb once on this hair style. Too many people back comb a lot in their hair styles. it is a lovely up do, and you have gave me inspiration to try this, and then getting professional at doing this. i love it. <3

  4. 9700838620 says:

    I like it…

  5. zareenarosul says:

    U never cease to amaze me. love it! Xx

  6. suman gill says:

    i love ur hairstyles. can u shows us simple hair styles

  7. love2soonbutilikeit says:

    Nice work, and I love how you speak both English and the Indian language

  8. azeemazam2 says:

    Where did u get the dummy from

  9. Shair Zaman says:

    really amazing n ur way of explaing is soooo good plz keep making such type of videos

  10. adrianarulz says:

    Where can I buy Indian jewelry?

  11. adrianarulz says:

    And what is the name of the accessory you used in the back?

  12. Mya Choudhury says:

    hi, where can i get that black thing to hold the puff?

  13. rima raut says:

    This is just amazing

  14. mihika says:


  15. ABpattan2010 says:

    ” Wow ”

  16. shreena patel says:

    i like your work……so clear and nice.thank you so much.

  17. Shobana Madhavan says:

    Its beautiful. Where in Kerala can I get the stuffing.

  18. yasminsaddique786 says:

    hi Esther. luv your videos. u havent posted for a while. please do. can you do more using hair pieces and padding. I wud like to send you some pictures

  19. Salina Goodwin says:

    I agree it was good without all of the accessories

  20. padmini chandanala says:

    it lookes very beautiful.

  21. padmini chandanala says:

    can u plz suggest any hair style for curly hair

  22. tanya puri says:


  23. tanya puri says:

    Hi…need to talk to u,pls msg ur contact details at tanyapuri_18@yahoo.com..regards

  24. TheGoodNewsforall says:

    Please kindly see thewarningsecondcoming dotcom

  25. napalaylasmom says:

    I didn’t understand 99% of what you said but it was so pretty I sat through the whole video =) Very nice work!!!

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