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Perfect Valentine’s Hair: DIY Gibson Roll with Mr. Kate

This romantic and vintage inspired hair style is so easy to do and perfect for a romantic evening, event, wedding or bad hair day! Subscribe for more style tutorials bit.ly You look like a princess, have a magical evening! This video was shot in the historic Victorian house where they also shot the TV show Charmed. See more photos and step by step on the Mr. Kate Blog: www.mrkate.com Follow Mr. Kate on Twitter www.twitter.com Follow Mr. Kate on Instagram: www.instagram.com Like the Mr. Kate Facebook page: www.facebook.com Music: “Waltz (Tschikovsky OP. 40)” by Kevin MacLeod www.incomptech.com Video shot and edited by Brad Etter

24 Responses so far.

  1. Jade Moore says:

    How old are you? You look really young :)

  2. Nikka Marie says:

    oh lol i wasnt paying attention in the beginning i suppose. woops

  3. joyyau2 says:

    Such a nice house! O:
    I was half expecting a ghost to come out around the corner or something.

  4. Kailee Guvara says:

    Am I the only one who notice that after she found out her friend not home she still said “hello”?

  5. lojaine alkhatib says:

    Were u in pretty little devils

  6. isshinish says:

    I have an exam tomorrow and here I am watching your videos.. You’re crazy wonderful!

  7. mia mi says:

    The House Looks like the Charmed House !!!

  8. DorcoUSA says:

    Your videos are so funny!
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. redpopsicle223 says:

    This was soooooo creative!! You really should have more subscribers!!

  10. kallikat719 says:

    oh my god. my favorite part of all your videos is how you set them up! I bet you had fun i tue

  11. Neve Walsh-Silver says:

    why is she called mr kate?

  12. Tea Loncar says:


  13. ohshiznitz7 says:


  14. Olivia Mannara says:

    your annoying

  15. Danielle2498 says:


  16. Paul e says:

    @progact yeah. i am lucky to get my gift mascara from maybelline for nothing. and i can tell u , you just need to give email addrss and tell them where you want to send. its worth a try here -> bit.ly/YGJH9t?=jludmy

  17. Panda23e says:

    Your shoes are cool

  18. MrsBrandiSherman says:

    I find myself loving every video you make! They are so fun and creative!

  19. Flora Jones says:

    I do that every ad

  20. katchaish says:

    You always have awesome ideas for your videos.

  21. Sajtosphil says:


  22. MetalMel87 says:

    The Charmed house! Hahahahaa, when I moved to LA that was the first “attraction” I went to. I was alone and creepily autoshot some pics of me in front of the house. Then someone looked out the window and I ran away.

  23. dreeamcatcheer says:

    You look so fab. in this video! Wish i could Do this hairstyle, but my hair is way to thick and long :c

  24. Julia Macdonald says:

    I just have way too much hair for this -_-

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