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Side Swept Cascading Curls – Easy DIY prom hair tutorial!

Don’t forget to subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=makeupatmidnight This is a great, elegant yet easy way to style long hair for …

23 Responses so far.

  1. RandomKatyColour says:

    this hairstyle and your are beautiful . it is really pretty and belongs on a pretty girl like you

  2. fatemabegum792 says:


  3. Alyssa Klem says:

    What curling wand did you use?!

  4. Makeup at Midnight says:

    Nume Titan 3, I used the 25mm and the 19mm barrel attachments

  5. renado al says:

    its really cute , but why do u hold ur curls at first ? is it important ??

  6. Hannah Mueller says:

    What clips do you use to pin the curls to your head while they cool down?

  7. vanessag124 says:

    At renado, they hold in place to cool down in that form lasts longer :-)

  8. graceb1995 says:

    Can you do more hairstyles for long hair for a wedding guest

  9. werkitbaby says:

    I wore this for my sweet sixteen! I LOVE IT

  10. Henchmon25 says:

    *am going to wear

  11. pirateking92 says:

    I tried this today. It’s super easy and elegant. I will definitely keep this in mind for the future.

  12. emily jolie says:

    You room is beautiful ^_^

  13. Makeup at Midnight says:

    Thank you Emily!

  14. EmEm Yap says:

    Too bad i cant do that -..- Im rebonded. Rofl.

  15. MrsVolleyball4Life says:

    Where can I get clips similar to yours? I would love to know! Please respond(:

  16. Makeup at Midnight says:

    Hi! I bought mine at Walmart :)

  17. Heywatsupiluvcake says:


  18. emely flores says:

    I love this ! Make more videos like this :) )

  19. 12larue says:

    So pretty!!! Awesome

  20. Rosey3001 says:

    What temperature was your curling iron at and how long did you hold it?

  21. Makeup at Midnight says:

    I usually hold the curling iron for 8-15 seconds depending on how much hair is in the section. For the temperature I can’t remember I think it was at max temperature which is 200 degrees Celsius on that curling iron.

  22. Василиса Терзи says:


  23. Rajinder Kaur says:


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