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Soft Curled Updo for Long Hair Prom or Wedding Hairstyle

Soft Curled Updo for Prom or Wedding Hairstyle This is a fun and easy updo that has a soft and elegant look-perfect for the Prom or a wedding. We started by …

9 Responses so far.

  1. littlefrodo19 says:

    Really pretty and not too hard! Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Karen Achenbach says:

    Love it! Very soft and pretty!

  3. tiffany saxons says:

    love it and beautiful girl :)

  4. miranda barlow says:


  5. RokusanZ says:

    This looks really easy! I will try it, thanks :)

  6. sunshine2049 says:

    I think you do really nice work, but the child in the background undermines
    the professional image you are trying to convey. if you know you re going
    to be filming you need to make concessions and not have anyone else there

  7. April Meeler says:

    the hair is beautiful and I like the way you are so calm and in control,
    even with your little girl in the room….nice touch!

  8. Hannah Koonce says:

    This was posted in 2014 and she still has a TV with a built in VCR,

  9. Michayla Harding says:

    Going to try this for Winter Formal! Thank you! 

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