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TVM #2 – Love Rain (Yoona’s Wedding Hair)

Twitter: twitter.com Instagram: www.followgram.me Vlog Channel: www.youtube.com Fashion Channel: www.youtube.com This is probably one of my most requested looks lately, and I figured I would do it for my TVM series :) Yoona IMHO is one of the most gorgeous girls in k-pop, and she looked freaking amazing for her “wedding” in Love Rain. She had gorgeous curls braided very loosely, and you couldn’t really see the back clearly so this tutorial is just my take on it. I decided to do a French alternative braid, because the twisting allows the curls to maintain their shape and can be worn loosely similar to Yoona’s style. This can be a pretty casual look, or you can even wear it for your wedding as Yoona did! Remember to LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW!

25 Responses so far.

  1. Matsuii15 says:

    Are you korean?


    hey cerine, look at @LoveRainTV (official channel) this video was uploaded on that channel =)) THUMBS UP SO SHE CAN SEE THANKS

  3. Shirayuki Hime says:

    wwow!!! LOVE IT

  4. cerinebabyyish says:

    I know! :D :D :D
    they actually messaged me on twitter to let me know they saw my video & asked if they could feature it! thank you for sharing though :D


    Oops… sorry

  6. CrystalandPals says:

    i tihnk in her vlog channel or something she was chinese… tho i could be forgetting something, like half chinese and half japanese…

  7. Matsuii15 says:

    ok, thankyu^^

  8. Emimi Lee says:

    I<3 ur hair

  9. bongpup94 says:

    oh! so how to get hair like you!

  10. FeriaDamisela says:

    I like how you talk! OMG! :D D I like you! :D D

  11. ayu199700 says:

    its really really hard…!! i tried it several times but i fail …!!

  12. AnnyeongVivi says:

    Are you korean? I am too!!! ^^

  13. Chuujoujustyne says:

    I wish I could do this with my hair. :(

  14. XUnforgettableAuraX says:

    Pretty !! :D .. I might fail doing this, but I’m gonna try >.<

  15. HelloStuddmuffin says:

    you’re going way to fast, i want to do this, because i really love it, but i can’t follow it :S

  16. 13524mariam says:

    love it ❤♥

  17. TweedySims says:

    lol this is so easy it isnt hard at all!

  18. FuhkLove3 says:

    This is muchhhh easier than the alternative hair braid video. Thank youuu(:

  19. lilmunmun3azn says:

    It looks beautiful! :D Now all I need is that much hair………..

  20. minhanhable says:

    its actually quite easy but my hands get sooooo tired while doing this!! the outcome is great tho!! love the tutorial!

  21. Victoria McCann says:

    This is so lovely!

  22. FashionSTAR0709 says:

    can you show us how u did your nails so pretty

  23. causeimelyssa says:

    What colour did you dye your hair?

  24. Communitychoud says:

    i know how you feel… :(

  25. Ning SoneTiffany says:

    so cute ^____________^

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