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Twilight Bella Swan Inspired Wedding Hair

Here is a highly requested tutorial of how Bella wore her hair for the wedding scene in the newest Twilight Breaking Dawn movie. I think the results turned out pretty close to hers, and I hope you guys enjoy it! I used: – Lots of Hair Pins – Lots of Bobby Pins – Paddle Brush – Denman D3 Teasing Comb – Rat Tail Comb – Hairspray – Luxy Hair Extensions in the 160g set I’m wearing: Shirt: Urban Behavior Bracelet: Dana Jordan store at Bayview Village mall Ring: Love ring from this Etsy store: www.etsy.com Nails: Cheer Cotton by Revlon Earrings: Swarovski crystal studs

25 Responses so far.

  1. razberryhoneyT says:

    omgosh your nose looks so good! (nothing wrong with before) but whoever did it did an amazing job. hope you love it!

  2. TheDonda10 says:


  3. Meegan Roylon says:

    Team Edward!

  4. jennyblueize says:

    i see you zizu! :)

  5. ashley tisdale says:

    Nice video.I liked it.But why does everybody doing the bella swan wedding hair tutorial asking the viewers to comment on which team they are????

  6. MEMO7557 says:

    her hair full of boby pins

  7. DIY84Love says:

    Team Jacob!!!!!!!!❤❤❤

  8. Maria Torres says:

    Team Edward!!!!!!!!!

  9. maegamer says:


  10. Lisa Repka says:

    TEAM EDWARD !! <3 <3 <3
    I LOVE YOU !!

  11. ivypaolette216 says:

    team edward!


  12. anastazija čermak says:

    team edward<33333333333

  13. Belinda Teava says:

    team edward

  14. purpelle11 says:

    I did something similar to Bella’s hair but with braids coming down from the sides and my friends were freaking out because i “looked like Bella!”. When i did it, though, i thought i was being creative. i didn’t think of the Bella reference at all. :p

  15. barbrasaur says:

    The bun looks like a rose almost :)

  16. winnielovemax88 says:

    Team edward

  17. jas3783 says:

    Team jacob xx

  18. Mckenna Smith says:

    aww theres a fat kitty back there <3

  19. HairstylesAndTips says:

    I love how she always says : BASICALLY

  20. Mia Williams says:

    .. but… she asked..

  21. Loven1499 says:

    That is amazing!

  22. camilah2005 says:

    wolf pack :)

  23. musicfrenzgirl179 says:

    Team Tyler. :D

  24. WillowTree2222 says:


  25. littlemuffinborg says:

    kitty on her bed!

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