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Vintage Wedding Hair Tutorial

Hair Extensions by True Rebelle http://bit.ly/1a57Ps7 Here is the link for Brittany’s wedding makeup tutorial! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cws8ZnlskNc&fea…

25 Responses so far.

  1. Krista Agpes says:

    love itt!

  2. gingerhalo1234 says:

    Lol im 14 and I know who veronica lake is

  3. fifi luong says:


  4. Olivia El says:

    this is glam

  5. Cleopatrasbeauty says:

    Daven do you know where I could purchase curly human hair extensions that
    aren’t yaki? I have a 3A curl pattern and I can’t seem to find extensions
    that are curly but still a soft, fine texture anywhere. Help!!

  6. Miguel Ángel Cundapí Bustamante says:

    LOVE IT. please more tutorials with extentions! muah

  7. chicknstar says:

    Love this look!! Thank you for the tips. I always loose my curl before the
    end of the day :( But I’ll try pinning it and letting it cool.

  8. cocix82 says:

    Ur hands are magic!! Ur so talented Daven! Those tatoos though… mmmmhhh

  9. 0anchy0 says:

    I wish you could do my hair one day… You’re amazing!

  10. innebandy84 says:


  11. Alex Contreras says:

    love it and u :)

  12. Kriss Merida says:

    Love the humor!!!

  13. mspinkdomi says:

    Britney is gorgeous!

  14. foufi2701 says:

    does she remind me of Chriselle Lim? or is it just me?

  15. kasumiprincess says:

    i cut my hair short short and i’m wondering if you can recommend hair
    styles for short hair or when i ave extensions in what styles can i do with

  16. loveejaclyn says:

    She’s so gorgeoussss

  17. pjy says:

    As usual Daven, the makeup and hair looks gorgeous!

  18. Anh Mai says:

    It was so good! Thank you so much

  19. starflare93 says:

    You make it look so easy, gorgeous look!

  20. cagreinvented says:

    She looks A-MAZ-ZIIIIING!

  21. Louiizeyy says:

    She is gorgeous and ur voice over is just hilarious :) great tutorial

  22. blekiblek says:

    Omg shes sooooo gorgeouuusssss

  23. Hine Heke says:


  24. sciencetofear says:

    This us extremely lovely.

  25. ngan ha says:


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