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Wedding Day Hairstyles : Three Ponytail Up-Do Hairstyle: Wedding Hairstyles

Learn how to style hair with three ponytails in an up-do for your wedding day hairstyle and get expert tips and advice on styling your own hair for special occasions in this free instructional video. Expert: Kim Brown Contact: www.kimandcosalon.com Bio: Kim Brown has been doing hair and make-up for 19 years, and has owned her own salon for 8 ? years. She has taken a countless number of advanced learning courses those years. Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves

25 Responses so far.

  1. jeaniebthe1 says:

    yeah, great if you’ve got hair like a horse

  2. mariiiiiam says:

    wasted my time

  3. abeer5514 says:

    جميل جداً

  4. LadyOfScarFace says:

    Love it

  5. dealsforlow says:

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  6. chagyloto says:


  7. chagyloto says:



  8. MaelynnMei says:

    its pretty, just wish it didn’t do the skipping thing where shes doing a ponytail..then next scene it shows her working on another piece already. if i had longer than shoulder length hair i might try this, but it wont come out as defined as hers.

  9. 72senorita says:

    Its superb , excellent and beautifu hair do ……

  10. Hysteriaj says:

    Good luck getting that out!! But still very cool :D

  11. shaz4372 says:

    she has obvious huge parts on both sides of her head in the end. eghh.

  12. Julia Schmalfeldt says:


  13. Arya Manasco says:

    if u want to see good hair styles go to cute girl hair styles

  14. jimschilljr says:

    That is preys

  15. MegaSally1990 says:

    that is so gay

  16. Deddy940 says:

    einfach nur hässlich. Its not nice

  17. KayleyDenise123 says:

    Wow… I’ve seen 5 year olds with better quality cameras…

  18. FrankPat Luciano says:

    What I wanna know is how does that come out when she wants to comb it out. I hope it doesn’t come out to be a bunch of knots.

  19. LitleChicken007 says:


  20. JerDonSaraGibbs1 says:

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  21. SkinnySexyBride says:

    Very elegant!

  22. soso23458 says:

    omg I hate the way she’s talking

  23. lauren jackson says:


  24. basurtom says:

    I wish I could see what you’re doing :( I can barely make it out, but it sounds good.

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