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Wedding Hair Style – Hair Up by Claire Wallace Style 1(Part of ‘How to Style’ Hair Series)

Claire Wallace has trained with many of the top names in hairdressing and makeup including including Jemma Kidd, Saks and Toni & Guy. In this clip she demonstrates the application of eye makeup. Check out my other videos in this series of hair styles

25 Responses so far.

  1. liss929 says:


  2. sabbyh says:

    excellent love the idea x

  3. shouayang says:

    the bride looks soo unhappy. love the hair.

  4. spoons2007 says:

    Wow I’m goina use this in work thanks alot extra long hair upstyles annoy me sooo much this is perfect xxxx

  5. chicchocolate1 says:


  6. chicchocolate1 says:

    how did you do stem plait?

  7. cuteyjules says:

    Stunning xxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. cosmeticsmile says:

    This looks amazing so simple aswell I never thought of using the plaits! deffinetley going to be using this when doing hair ups thank you!! xxx

  9. kamarlight says:

    C’est super beauuuu !!! 

  10. pinkdreamer1000 says:


  11. makell1011 says:

    Gorgeous! : )

  12. KawaiiheartTiffany says:


  13. marissa54014 says:

    I Love The Way She Talks :)

  14. hussainshahify says:


  15. hussainshahify says:

    Can you please tell me if you runn any courses rgaridng hair styles please and if so is there a websire ir conatct number to contact you n. Thaks

  16. lilmsbry1 says:
  17. jeanette16952 says:

    Beautiful ;) 

  18. Joddrick00 says:

    Great effect

  19. MegaMaryLy says:

    Wow  I love it

  20. ThaOneNOnlyChops says:

    I absolutely love it!! But the only real problem is I will never be able to do this…can you do it for the wedding im going to go to soon?? Lol

  21. natasha8602 says:

    That is very beautiful

  22. valeriem1997 says:

    I like it

  23. Stardoll stylists says:

    That is a look i would like for my wedding… So beautiful

  24. JemmaFlaherty says:

    Love it, can’t wait till my daughter gets home so I can practice this on her.

  25. Eva Bay says:

    So pretty

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