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  1. Nina a says:

    This is the most beautiful video ever…

  2. thecuppycakegirl1012 says:

    1:05… she looks like taylor swift in that Love story song! haha… she’s beautiful1 :)

  3. coolsapz says:

    Hey good job!awsome collection. Can you suggest me as where i can get these hairstyle tutorials? can u pls post them if u have?

  4. Andrew Pacumio says:

    Nice video

  5. jwe3an says:

    i like it ;) 

  6. sunshiniiteLUVsMAC says:

    0:44 OMG! my FAv

  7. HellenBilling82 says:

    The Book Of Love – Peter Gabriel…=)

  8. RaquelSade says:

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  9. Wanasa uae says:

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  10. shanaracen says:

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  11. scandalous186 says:

    I want to have 1:44 (but in black)

  12. LoveAllHearts says:

    The song is the book of love this particular version is by Peter Gabriel.

  13. anbaccia says:

    Book of love, peter gabriel

  14. RidaaBubsz says:

    Check out my video.

  15. macar0n1murderlady says:

    2:03 is how I want to do my hair when I get married. It’s so elegant and beautiful. I’m not really a fan of uptight updo’s. :)

  16. dealsforlow says:

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  17. nemertased says:

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  18. Marie Turner says:

    peter gabriel, book of love

  19. iEMILAR says:

    “The Book of Love” is what it’s called.

  20. TheFantocci says:

    this is easy! @cherryCheng you are right! That
    program at the site:
    BestHairdressing (d0t) info
    is possibly the best hairdressing training course
    Ive ever tried! It was all worth a penny! Though
    im gonne end up ruining all my dream! ^_6

  21. SkinnySexyBride says:

    Finishing off some of these styles with jeweled hair clips is a nice (and simple) touch. Wonderful video!

  22. MsPandaBear91 says:

    I want to know how to do the one at 0:18

  23. Jessica De Los Santos says:

    I thought they were actually gonna show us how to do it

  24. Bridget Leigh says:

    Love these styles! Wish I could do them myself! I did see some super easy-to-do bridal tutorials on the TresStyleStudio site!

  25. Bridget Leigh says:

    These look gorgeous! TRESStyleStudio has a lot of good hair tutorials that give you these hairstyles. Love it! And love these looks! I’m totally passing them on to my friends who are getting married next summer! Go Kappa Brides!!! <3

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