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Wedding Hair Styles

Learn how to get voluminous hair for your bachelorette party or wedding day from the Queen of Volume herself, Beyonce.

12 Responses so far.

  1. jwe3an says:

    i like that hair style it’s cool ^_*

  2. Lavinnia28 says:

    not even close to beyonce ‘s hair

  3. LOVEIZO says:

    i hate when they say the hair needs to be dirty in order for the updo to work it really doesnt if you know what your doing!
    she sucks ..

  4. JazzCat2234 says:

    that looked better than Beyonce’s hair

  5. Debanie says:

    it doesn’t necessarily have to be dirty but you cant have it really clean as the hair just slides and wont hold a curl or anything. no matter how good u are u cant hold clean hair very well.

  6. energizervanny says:

    Very pretty.
    I love it. :-) 

  7. mishal ooo says:

    i love it thank you

  8. HelloKimmy818 says:

    Beautiful! !!!!!!!!great tips thumps up all the way!

  9. ohhmylipsgloss says:

    this video was just about common sense…

  10. lorena3015 says:

    Just beautiful :)

  11. juzz53 says:

    so pretty

  12. BRENDA24ES says:

    That was nooooi volume! Haha!

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